This May Be My Last Trip to Burgos Street

I always have a good time on Burgos Street in Makati. I love eating at The Filling Station Bar and Cafe. I love to listen to the bands and eat barbecue over at Hott Asia Bazaar. I love to watch midget boxing at Ringside Bar. If you’ve never been to Burgos Street, you should check out all of these spots. For me, it’s become too routine.

So for now, I have to say goodbye to Burgos Street. It’s been nice knowing you, my old friend. I’m not sure if we’ll meet again.

*My favorite hotel on Burgos is the Royal Bellagio. But, I’m no longer going to recommend the place to anyone until they fix TWO major flaws.

  • #1 is charging guests a 2,000 peso CASH DEPOSIT at check-in. That’s bad business and it pisses people off.
  • #2 is that the WiFi sucks.

If you can deal with these two issues, the Royal Bellagio is prime real estate. For me, I’m not promoting it any further until they upgrade the WiFi and get rid of the 2,000 peso deposit. Once they do that, I’ll go back to recommending the hotel to my friends. The location is great, the rooms are clean, and the staff are all super friendly.

If you get tired of listening to me at the beginning of this video, skip to 10:43 to see THE MOST BEAUTIFUL boxing referee in the world.

Shout out to DIAMOND DENNIS! We kicked it out one night and partied like rock stars. Hope you’re doing well back in the snow, my friend.

This episode was filmed on the new GoPro Hero 8 Black in 4K. The GoPro is great during the day but falls apart in low light situations.