Three Pieces of Gear for Island Hopping in the Philippines
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Three Pieces of Gear for Island Hopping in the Philippines

Be Prepared for Electrical Brownouts

If you’re going island hopping in the Philippines, be prepared for daily electricity brownouts. Usually, they only last for a few hours. But if a typhoon rolls through, you may be without power for a while.

Bring these three pieces of gear:

I highly recommend the Ravpower Extreme to recharge your electronics. It’s waterproof and has a built-in light. It’s a good piece of gear.

The headlamp I was using in the video broke after a couple of months of use. I liked it because it was very lightweight. However, it let me down in the middle of a sugar cane field around midnight.

I’ve done the research and I’m about to buy the Fenix HL60R headlamp. It’s waterproof and rechargeable. Out of everything, the headlamp is where you should probably invest your money. The Fenix is listed at $74.95 on amazon.

The solar rechargeable light that I have is still kicking, although one of the little LED lights has already burned out. It’s still a good piece of gear to have. As long as you leave it out in the sun all day, it will last all night. It’s perfect for extended electricity brownouts.