Tom Cruise Social-Distancing Rant and Meltdown – Reaction Video

The Church of Scientology’s greatest ambassador blows a skull fuse when some crew members violate his one-meter social-distancing rule.

Tom Cruise apparently has the ability to measure distance down to the nanometer with the naked eye! He must have a meter stick tattooed on his retina so it looks like a heads-up display on an F-18.

Walk softly, yell like a madman, and carry a big meter stick!

I wonder how many extra particles of water vapor he blasted out through the valves on that Darth Vader mask during this little tirade.

Here’s what I think about Mr. Tom Cruise. And, by the way, do we really need ANOTHER Mission Impossible movie? This makes number 7? I guess I missed about 5 of them.

Here’s The U.S. Sun article and raw audio.