TRAPPED at the Massage Parlor & Surrounded by Beautiful Women!

I got trapped at a #massage parlor here in Southeast Asia by the rising Colorado River and couldn’t escape for several hours. I kept waiting for the USS #MeToo to arrive with a boatload of angry #feminist rescuers but they never showed. Don’t worry about me, my friends. This wasn’t exactly a Shawshank Redemption scene where I had to crawl through 500 yards of sewage to regain my freedom (I could have walked, actually). I just had to exercise some tactical patience and ride out this little hostage situation until the waters parted.

Here’s how it all went down…

This short film is RATED R for adult language and EXTREME BANJO. Don’t let your kids watch this one. If you do, it’s your fault and not mine. It was filmed on the DJI Osmo Pocket in 4K at 60 FPS. NOTE: At 31:20 and 33:48 there are LOUD audio pops. Take the headphones off during these brief seconds. I finally figured out what was causing this issue and have fixed it.

Special SHOUT OUT to the TRUE GENTLEMEN driving that huge Coca-Cola truck, representing the #ATL where the players play! You guys are proof that #chivalry is not yet totally dead. There are still a few of us who will carry a lady across a mud puddle so she don’t have to get wet.