UFC 210 Daniel Cormier Makes Weight By Using the Space Cowboys Bench Press Method

Holy Shit That Was Funny! The Weigh-In for UFC 210

Daniel Cormier weighed in at 206.2 pounds during the official weigh-in for UFC 210. He was butt naked so there was, theoretically, no room for improvement.

He needed to be 205 or under to qualify for the fight.

Cormier disappeared behind the curtains after failing to make weight.

Take 2 – A Rematch with the Scales

A few minutes later, Daniel Cormier and crew returned to the scale, armed with an ingenious plan.

Cormier stepped onto the scales and pressed down on the big beach towel with both hands. This obviously distributed some weight to the three towel bearers.

He miraculously weighed in at 205, right on the nose!

It was a damn miracle.

The UFC is a Business

Folks, this is a subtle reminder that the UFC is a business and that nothing in life is really fair.

Get over it.

Personally, I don’t give a shit if the guy is a few pounds over the limit. I don’t think Rumble Johnson cares, either.

I’m just ready to see them fight.

The Space Cowboy

Daniel Cormier will forever be known in my mind as the Space Cowboy.

I’ll still look forward to his fights but I’ll laugh every time he gets announced.

The UFC owes a debt of gratitude to Tommy Lee Jones and James Garner. The bench press scene in Space Cowboys saved the day for UFC 210.