U.S. Navy Deploys to Venezuela for “Anti-Drug” Ops? China Says Bear Bile & Goat Horn Cures Covid-19?

Here’s a rambling conversation about Politics, Bullshit and World Events.

I’ll talk about the U.S. deploying more Navy ships to Venezuela for “Counter-Narcotics” Operations, the Orinoco Oil Belt, President Maduro getting indicted, the Chinese Bat Research Virus, and the Chinese Communist Party.

Folks, this conversation is designed to invoke thought. Don’t take what I say as the absolute gospel. Do your own research. This talk just points you in the direction of a few good topics to research while you’re bored and taking a long trucker dump during this #StayAtHome mess we find ourselves in.

Here’s a good article to read about China’s Bat Woman.

***ATTENTION CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY: The Royal Court of the Kingdom of Marcos has ruled that you currently owe us 5 MILLION U.S. dollars for damages and false imprisonment of the Royal Family, relating to thIs PANDEMIC caused by the Chinese Bat Research Virus. Tell old Xi Jinping to click this here link and PAY UP #MOTHERFUCKERS