Village Life in the Philippines – How to Bathe & Use the Restroom – A Guide for Guys from the West

Village Life

If you’re dating a beautiful Filipina who’s from a small village in the Philippines, here’s a video showing what to expect.

I’ve already written an article detailing the exact steps on how to use the restroom. Make sure you read this after watching the video.

How to Use the Toilet at Your Filipina’s Home in the Village

The CR

I think the biggest shock for most guys from the West is when they see the restroom (called the CR or Comfort Room in the Philippines). It’s not exactly the same as a bathroom in the U.S.

Girls in the Philippines - Online Dating and Cultural Advice

I made this video for educational purposes and it’s intended for my fellow man. It’s especially for the guy who is chatting with a Filipina and is about to make his first trip here to the Philippines. Sorry goes out to all of my female viewers. Ladies, this particular video ain’t for you or the kids. Pick another one from my collection and sit this one out.

Many guys from the West have asked me about what it’s like in the village.

Go Spend Time in Your Filipina’s Village

When you travel the world, you learn that things are done a little bit different from country to country and culture to culture. That’s life. If your girl is from a small village, man up and go stay there for a few days. You can do it.

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