What To Do When You Get Chlamydia After Sleeping with 3 Bar Girls?

Join me for an informal discussion about men’s health. If you’re pissing razorblades after sleeping with three chicks you met on Walking Street, then this video is for you.

Cost of Meds in Thailand

Here’s a quick rundown of the meds I talk about in the video:

Zeben 64 Thai Baht = $1.86 (Need 3 boxes per child so it adds ups to $5.58 USD total)

Hofmax 160 Thai Baht = $4.64 USD

Fatel 26 Thai Baht = $0.75 (Need 6 boxes per adult so it adds up to $4.50 USD total)

Doxycycline 10 Tablets for 45 Thai Baht = $1.31 USD