Who Stole My Briefcase?

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One of the exciting aspects of traveling is the planning, packing, and preparation. Having and choosing the right travel gear can make or break a trip.

When you hit the road, it’s just you and your luggage.

(I can’t even remember what movie that line came from.) Anyway, I think we’d all agree that a good briefcase is a vital piece of travel gear.

Who Stole My Briefcase?

I was trying to come up with a catchy name for a blog to do some testing, when, for some odd reason, I began to reflect back to the year 1990. Ok, it might have been 1989. Regardless, around that time some dastardly individual took it upon himself to steal by beloved briefcase. It wasn’t an expensive briefcase and the contents were worth less than fifty dollars. The thing was only valuable to one person—me.

However, that darn Samsonite was my silent travel partner. The yellow legal pad with its knockoff leather holder was where I organized my thoughts. The fake Cross pens were freebies from opening an account at the bank. All of it suddenly gone—vanished—without a trace.

I often think about how my life could have ended up if that incident had not taken place. Alright, maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal but it still makes me mad to this day. I’ll never find out what happened to my briefcase. Its whereabouts will forever remain a mystery.

The constant wonder of who stole my briefcase causes my mind to wander. Maybe somewhere in America, right now, the thief is still carrying it around. Maybe he/she has given up a life of crime and is a productive member of society. Nah… That briefcase is in a landfill somewhere and the crook is probably in prison.

Nowadays, travel has become the foremost, never-ending mystery for me, much like the story I just described. I only have to look at a map to spark my curiosity of some yet-explored location. The next thing I know, I’m packing my leather briefcase and hopping the next flight out. Arriving at a new destination is like finally getting to the bottom of things. Books, videos, and reviews can’t take the place of actually being there.

If you’ve been thinking of taking a trip, stop wondering and dreaming about what it’s like there. Just pack a bag and go.