Why I “Abandoned” My Wife and Kids

We need to have a long talk, my friends. Get in the car and let’s take a drive.


  1. Marco’s i don’t think you did that” i sense there is a logical explanation behind this scenario” eye have seen your soul” @nd even @ your worst” you would be incapable”,. so” haha” Brother” get back soon’,. :))))))))))))))

  2. I’ll be anxiously awaiting this one, as will all.

    Meanwhile, have “cautious” fun, watch your back 360, read any signals in your path for possible danger (former Vietnam Marine).

    You have returned to a “proposed” new world in the States and you must be suffering some measure of culture shock. Semper Fi from another writer and life warrior.

  3. I’ll pass. Abandoned is in quotes. You’re already pussyfooting around mincing words and the video hasn’t started.

    Are you in the USA? Are Fatima, Forrest G and Maria in the Philippines? You left them behind. You abandoned them.

    You already told us why. To slay a dinosaur and drag it back to the cave.

    Georgia racked up 10000 new COVID-19 cases.

    But as you’ve stated before, you’ve had the clap more than 100 times. Why start wearing a rubber now? AIDS?

    With all the new coronavirus cases, Georgia may be locking down and requiring facemasks as early as Monday.

    And the Philippines is opening.


  4. You believe in free speech and the comments must be approved?

    That is not free speech. That is being a hypocrite.

  5. Terry Dorsaneo

    I applaud your comment. I couldnt have said it better myself. “Kudos to ya”

  6. I am here for ya bro. Go with your gut and your heart. You need to be honest with yourself. You only have one life and you need to be free on your own terms. Don’t live a fake life. Sometimes the right choice is not the easiest and sometimes bad happens. Life is not perfect but I give many props to your honesty. Cold beer and good Scotch are the keys to life along with a great Cigar my brother. Be Safe.

  7. @Terry Dorsaneo Bitch, your doctor at birth must have hit you with the fugly stick. So your comments are invalid.

  8. Do what you do Mark,

    13 year Navy Man here. Piss ants will never understand how we operate and why we operate the way we do. But we still handle business and take care of those we love. I have been living in PI since 2015 and always had to come back to US once a year for Doc visits. Was living in Barrio when you was there. I got out of there 3 days before the lock down. My girl understood why I was leaving and understands I will be back when it is possible. I already you are not letting any of these dip shits get to you. Handle your business cheers man.

  9. Hope your doin ok ..been few days no posts..going west? Anyway enjoy stay safe have an ipa on me…too bad you can’t get a hold of some New York 1609 it’s excellent brew….


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