Why Race To A Red Light?

I was riding my bicycle to the temple when a truck drove past me at break-neck speed. I laughed, because a few seconds later it was stuck behind traffic at the red light. I slowly pedaled past the truck and made my way to the front of the line. The incident made my mind wander.

If you can see far enough down the road to know the path is blocked and that you’ll have to wait in line, why get in such a hurry? You know you’re not going anywhere. You know you are going to have to stop. It’s physics.

The way the person drove the truck was a bit reckless, caused it to have poor fuel economy, and caused unnecessary wear and tear on the brakes and tires. Those things cost money. The guy was actually paying for the opportunity to sit longer at the red light. I’ll always remember him as an impatient fool.

In life, why not take it slow and steady when you can see that the road ahead is temporarily blocked? Enjoy the scenery and the company you currently find yourself in. Relax and appreciate the present. Focus on what you like about a c0-worker instead of what you do not. Don’t get angry at things that are beyond your control.

When the path clears and you do move forward, how do you want to be remembered by those around you now?

“Why race to a red light? It makes no sense.”