Will China Rent Bagram Air Base from the Taliban?

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate slap in the face for U.S. taxpayers? Of course it would.

But, it makes sense.

China is going to mine the heck out of them hills. Therefore, it only makes sense for the CCP to establish a military base in Afghanistan to protect their assets.

Bagram is exactly the piece of real estate the CCP is looking for.

The Taliban don’t really need an air base. They need stability that will come from partnering with a new super power, money, and economic development. Enter… China.

Therefore, it’s only about how much is the rent and when are they moving in.

Now folks, make a note that I cannot predict the future. Do I have any evidence or inside info to support this theory? No. But, just look at a map.

Plus, when I was in Kabul a decade ago, sometimes I would hit the restaurants at the swank hotels. When I looked around at the hotel guests and fellow diners, there seemed to be a plethora of Chinese “businessmen” (dudes wearing suits) wooing and breaking bread with influential Afghans. There weren’t many Americans hanging out in these hotels. They were safe and secure at one of the fortified compounds around town.

Things that make you go hmmm…