YETI Rambler Bottle Lid Stuck? Here’s Why. PUT IT DOWN AND PAY ATTENTION!

Is the lid to your YETI Rambler Bottle stuck and won’t come off? WARNING: There may be a whole bunch of PRESSURE inside the bottle because you left something in there that contains sugar. The sugars have fermented and caused a buildup of gas! There is so much pressure on the threads that the lid won’t turn unless you crank on it with a tire iron (NOT advisable). Read YETI’s warning label about this.

In this video I’ll tell you how I found all this out the hard way. I love my YETI products and highly recommend them. They keep my beer cold and my coffee hot. They’re the only thing (other than a beer bottle) that I drink out of. This video is NOT a negative review. It’s merely to reiterate YETI’s warning about what not to put in the Rambler Bottle.

As a matter of fact, if you want to keep your beer COLD and safe from these pesky flies here in the Southeast Asia HEAT? Get yourself a YETI Rambler 20 oz. Tumbler.