Your Filipina’s Lazy-Ass Brothers and Their Daily Routine

How to Date a Filipina - Lazy Ass Brothers

Your Filipina’s Lazy-Ass Brothers

This rant ties in to other articles within my series on How to Date a Filipina.

Lazy-ass brothers are the Tonyos of the Philippines that I’ve been talking about already.

Obviously, not all young guys in the Philippines fit into this category. But, I’ve had plenty of lazy-ass brothers filter through my life so it’s worth writing about.

For my Filipinas, don’t get too pissed off at this post. I know you love your brothers.

These articles are designed for the foreign guy who has never been to the Philippines before. He needs to know what he’s potentially getting into. That’s only fair.

The Daily Routine of Her Brothers

Since they have no job and no purpose in life, they do nothing but sleep around the house all day.

They sit back and wait for their sisters to make some money and buy them a bottle of Tanduay so they can get drunk.

Or, they wait until you, the foreign guy, forks over some money for the family. Then they can buy a bottle and start drinking.

They hang out at the basketball courts in the evenings with their Tonyo friends.

At night, the Tonyos try to get laid so they can leave some poor girl with a baby to raise on her own.

The routine doesn’t change.

I can’t stand lazy-ass brothers. This isn’t exclusive to the Philippines, by the way. The same applies worldwide.

My Line of Questioning

During the initial interview of a potential girlfriend, I always inquire as to how many brothers she has, how old they are, and if they have a job or go to school.

Girls in the Philippines - Online Dating and Cultural Advice

If the brothers are older and gainfully employed, that’s great!

If the brothers are younger and in school, that’s ok.

If the brothers are older and have no job, that’s the end of my conversation with the girl.

Sorry, but I’m not rich. I am not going to support grown-ass men with no ambition in life.

I’m not buying these idiots free booze. Hell no. I won’t give them one peso. The relationship is doomed from the start because I’m firm on that.

Now, personally, I don’t care about how many sisters a girl has. In my experience, a Filipina’s sisters have never cost me money or caused me troubles. It’s only been the free-loading males in the family.

Do Yourself a Favor and Be Selective

Listen, I don’t care about how much you think you love a girl.

If she has a house full of lazy-ass brothers, you need to run away and never look back.

I realize that there aren’t a lot of jobs here, especially in the slums or way out in the province. But, if you’re too damn lazy to get up and help around the house, take out the trash, and pull your own fucking weight, then you’re nothing more than a Tonyo.

You’re useless.

When you are searching for a girl on FilipinoCupid, keep this article in mind.

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