2 Filipinas Think I Can’t Cook Pork Steak – DAY 23 Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine

Helen of Troy can make a delicious pork steak. I decided to cook up my version of pork steak for the Filipinas. They kept a close watch over me and kept trying to interfere with my cooking show.

What the hell has happened to the world of beer brewing? Are they really going to brew Corona Beer in fucking China? Is this fake news? Where the hell did my last batch of Corona beers come from?

The can of Budweiser I drank last night says it was brewed in Vietnam. I’m OK with Vietnam, but not China.

According to Yahoo Finance:

“At the same time, Budweiser’s cost base in China is likely to remain high as it operates 33 facilities in China, including a brewery in Wuhan. Grandet notes Anheuser-Busch InBev is also building a new brewery for Corona in China, which he believes will supply the country and surrounding country with the Mexico-inspired beer brand.”

Budweiser has a brewery in Wuhan? WTF? This shit is so confusing that it may drive me to drink only locally-brewed Craft Beer.

This video was filmed on DAY 23 (April 8, 2020) of the Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine.


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