Barbecue Pork - GRAPHIC VIDEO - Pig Slaughter, Videoke, Beer, & Bad Behavior UNCENSORED!
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Barbecue Pork – GRAPHIC VIDEO – Pig Slaughter, Videoke, Beer, & Bad Behavior UNCENSORED!

WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO. This video depicts animal slaughter in raw, uncut, UNCENSORED footage. It is meant for educational purposes in several different ways. Content will cover the techniques used to slaughter and barbecue pigs in the Philippines, along with philosophy and debate over how that delicious, smoked meat gets to your plate. This video will piss off many people, upset more, make some of you cry, and stir up the keyboard activists over at PETA. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. GRAPHIC LANGUAGE. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED…

Now that I’ve got the damn legal disclaimer out of the way to warn the ladies and the weak-ass males of America, let’s get back to the real description for real men:

Me and the ladies took a trip to my buddy’s pig farm in the northern part of Luzon. Here’s a look at our barbecue adventure. Get ready to kidnap a pig, sing videoke, party like rock stars, get drunk, ride a rice tractor, discuss the degradation of the American male, and learn exactly where your meat comes from. VIEWER DISCRETION for ladies and children is advised. Any man who can’t stomach this video is a pussy. Attention PETA: You’re invited to tune in as well. Starbucks keyboard activists and warriors? You’re invited to leave your wisdom and knowledge as long as you can say the words, “World Peace” with a straight face. I want to hear you say that useless shit for the KING’s amusement. GET READY for some authentic content, my friends. Anthony Bourdain ain’t got shit on this little travel show.

The YouTube Team has age restricted this video so make sure you are signed in and over the age of 18. I’m not in total agreement with their decision, but it proves several of the key points I make in this episode. Res ipsa loquitur (the thing speaks for itself). Thanks YouTube, for validating my arguments, even before this video airs. I would have lost some credibility had you NOT age restricted it. Trap set. Bait taken.