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Best WordPress Hosting

Thinking about starting a blog? Cool.

At some point, you’ll have to choose a hosting company for your WordPress site.

Which Hosting Company is the Best?

My answer is now divided.

I recommend you go with WP Engine and use the Genesis Framework if you are new to WordPress. If you sign up for a hosting plan at WP Engine, you get access to the Genesis Framework and child themes for free. It’s included in the price. That’s a bargain.

If you are looking to upgrade to a dedicated server, I recommend you go with InMotion Hosting. I’ve been using InMotion for over three years now and highly recommend them.

What is Hosting?

The files that make up your website have to live somewhere. That somewhere is usually on a server in a hosting company’s data center. The server is always on and stands ready to provide your website to a browser. Hosting is one of the elements you need in order to make your website work.

Support Support Support

No matter which hosting company you ultimately decide to go with, you’d better do a little experiment first. Dial their number and try to get a support person on the line. See how long it takes you to get connected.

Dial the number at two in the morning and see if you get the same results.

Once you do get a person on the line, tell them you’re having a problem with your WordPress site and need some assistance. If they start by telling you they can’t offer support for a third-party application, hang up the phone.

If they don’t offer telephone support at all, do not use them! If you can’t find their telephone number on their website, pick someone else!

If you have to pay extra for support, run!

To me, support should be the number-one factor you consider over all others if you are new to WordPress.

Which Hosting Plan Do You Need?

Slow hosting means slow loading for your reader and slow editing for you, the creator. Every time you add some content and want to preview it before it’s published, you will find yourself waiting for the page to load, just like your readers. A website running on WP Engine’s optimized platform or over a dedicated server at InMotion will load faster than if the site were on a cheap, shared hosting plan.

My Advice?

If you’re just getting started, go with WP Engine’s Startup plan. If you’re looking for a dedicated server, go with InMotion.

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