Start a Travel Blog?
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Start a Travel Blog?

Dreaming about quitting your job and traveling the world?

Figure out a way to make money online and just do it.

Roll the dice. Life is short.

Dream, Plan, then Go

If you’re sitting in a cubicle right now, browsing the internet on company time, I want you to take note of something. It may not be the case for everyone, but since you’re reading this article it might hold true for you.

Look at the photos you have pinned to the wall of your cube or in a picture frame by the phone. There’s probably one that contains the beach and some palm trees, maybe from that one real vacation you took three years ago.

If you’re dreaming about giving up a normal (boring) life for a backpack and the adventure trail, realize that it’s not an impossible dream. However, it’s only easily achievable by few.

Most people cannot just drop everything at a moment’s notice, quit their job, and catch the next flight out. The majority of us have to formulate a plan that may take several months or even years to implement.

So, start thinking about your situation now. Give it some real thought. Get a plan together and take some action!

World Travel & Expat Life is Not for Everyone!

Let me be up front for a minute.

Being a full-time traveler or living as an expat is an extreme lifestyle change. It is not the same as going on a seven-day vacation to the Bahamas.

When you go on vacation, you have a pocket full of money and little time. You live like a king for a short period of time.

As a world traveler, you’ll probably find yourself with little money and nothing else but time. You’ll live free but without the spending power you once had.

My suggestion is to take a 30 or 60-day leave of absence from your job and give world travel a trial run. Keep close track of your expenditures and try living the frugal life. You might love it and become addicted to the freedom. Or, you’ll discover that you suddenly miss your normal (secure) life and that mundane (easy) job you thought you hated.

Make Money with a Travel Blog?

Let me skip ahead to the part where you’ve finally quit your job, your house is rented out, and your bag is packed. Your main concern at this point is income.

How are you going to make a living once you leave your home country?

Just because your dream is to live as a minimalist in Cambodia or Central America, you still have to earn some money.

The first thing that comes to mind when a person considers being a full-time traveler is to start a travel blog.

Blogging has become a respectable profession and many entrepreneurs make a living typing away on their laptops. However, realize that blogging is not easy!

Don’t believe the bullshit that people write about how easy it is to make money with a blog. They’re just trying to get you to buy a WordPress Hosting plan so they make a commission through affiliate marketing. Hey, I’m an affiliate marketer as well, but I believe in telling you how life really is.

Most blogs get abandoned within the first few months and never make a dime.

There are thousands and thousands of travel blogs out there already. You’re stepping into a field with a lot of competition and few success stories.

Yes, you can make money with a blog. No, the money doesn’t come easy.

Choose a Niche OTHER THAN Travel

Let me pause for a second… If you’re traveling the world, do you really have to run a travel blog?

I think the better option is to run a blog on a subject in which you already have some expertise. It’s easy to keep up with what’s going on in your former profession, so why not start offering your opinion by putting it into writing?

Even if you were a plumber before setting sail, you can write about topics from how to choose a plumber to do-it-yourself tips. That provides much more value to a reader than another picture of the Rio skyline.

A Blog is a Real Business

There are many ways to make money with a blog.

However, you have to think of it as a business. Many people start a blog, get frustrated when it doesn’t make money right away, and then quit. That’s the norm. The ones who do make money are those who keep blogging.

It’s no different than a regular business.

Most businesses do not start making profit the first day they open the doors. It takes a while to get started. You have to build your customer base.

Life is Short – Get After It

This article is meant to both inspire and caution you.

Hopefully it invoked some thought.

Read my article about Affiliate Marketing to get some ideas on how to make money with your blog.

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