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Took My Filipina Wife #1 and My Filipina Girlfriend #1 Shopping on Rodeo Drive...

I took my ladies down to the local market here in Angeles City, Philippines, for some shopping and sight seeing.

What the Hell is this #MeToo Shit? You Mean I’m Not Supposed to Talk...

I'd like for somebody to explain to me what the hell this #MeToo shit is all about. Somebody told me you can't talk to bitches in the U.S. anymore.

Why do they wrap a napkin around my beer in the Philippines?

I'll explain the purpose of the napkin wrapped around your San Miguel Pale Pilsen.
Overstay Road YouTube Channel

Bullshit Reality Shows – This Episode Wins BS Award of the Year.

I'll never be able to watch anything on the Discovery Channel again. Ever. This episode of Game of Stones just won the Bullshit Award of the year.

Wife Complains About Husband Watching Bikini Contest & Smoking Big Cigar LIVE

A quick discussion on why a man can’t watch a bikini contest and smoke a cigar like the devil in the peace and quiet of his own living room.

Compassion is Lost. How My $28 USD per Month Beach Condo Turned Me Into...

I need to have a heart to heart talk with you about compassion.

Disaster & Success at the Bikini Contest Broadcast – How to Screw Up a...

Folks, I know the live stream video quality at the Bikini Contest last Saturday was not good. Give me a few minutes to explain what went wrong with the technical side of the live broadcast.

Filipina Bikini Contest – LIVE from the Philippines with King Marcos

Thanks to my subscribers, Patrons, Trolls, Parrotts, and Haters, I have moved on up to a DELUXE apartment in the sky!

Why I Had To Leave My Hotel Room in the Philippines

Let me show you around one of my favorite little hotels in Angeles City. I'll explain the importance of keeping the buckets in the CR filled.