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How I Got A Corner Office World Travel

How I Got a Corner Office

Want to know how to work your way up to a corner office with a panoramic view of the city? With pretty girls and a nice breeze? Here's how I did it.
Best Taxi Driver in Bangkok, Thailand

Best Taxi Drivers in Bangkok, Thailand – Speak English + Honest + New Car

Best Bangkok Taxi Drivers - Speak English - Honest - New Toyotas - Safe Drivers - Call Sompet at #0902381418 or Gai at #0899913099. I highly recommend them.
S and R Bed and Breakfast - Rooms

Best Hotel in Calbayog, Philippines – S & R Bed and Breakfast

I had a chance to stay at the best hotel in Calbayog, Philippines. If you're traveling through Western Samar, S & R Bed and Breakfast is a pleasant oasis.

Living in another country vs. being a perpetual traveler. Which is better?

Is it better to settle down in a new country or just live out of your suitcase indefinitely? A quick overview of both.
Sriracha Tiger Zoo Thailand - Crocodile Show

If you quit drinking, watch out for the burning bush

Are you an alcoholic or just plain crazy? If you quit drinking, watch out for the burning bush.

Songkran – Thailand’s Water Festival – Review & Travel Tips from a Local Expat

Songkran is an experience like no other. Should you visit Thailand during Songkran or plan your trip some other time? Review and travel tips from an Expat.
How to Make Money Online While Traveling The World - Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase


What is minimalism? Without looking it up, I can't tell you what the textbook definition is. I can only tell you how I live and see life as a minimalist.
Saddleback Leather Thin Briefcase Review Luggage Tag Carbon Black

Who Stole My Briefcase?

Traveling to a new place is similar to solving a mystery. You're no longer left to wonder. It's sort of like knowing exactly who stole my briefcase.
Pattaya Bike Week 2013

Goodbye Uncomfortable Clothes

If it's not comfortable to wear, it's gone. No exceptions. I don't care what brand name it is or how much it cost. Goodbye Uncomfortable Clothes!