Cooking & Recipes

Cooking & Recipes

Cure a Cough with Homemade Jack Daniel’s Elixir and Chocolate

I picked up a nasty cough somehow and it just wouldn't go away. After a quick trip to the market I whipped up a batch of my SECRET Jack Daniel's Cough Elixir.

How to Grill $18 Steaks on the Balcony of Your Condo Like a Professional...

Join me while I grill two Grade A, corn-fed USDA steaks imported from the U.S.A.

Put Too Many Hot Peppers on the Grill – Smoked My Filipinas Out of...

We picked up a new electric grill by Stone-Ware. This thing is a quality piece of gear!

Barbecue Pork – GRAPHIC VIDEO – Pig Slaughter, Videoke, Beer, & Bad Behavior UNCENSORED!

Me and the ladies took a trip to my buddy's pig farm in the northern part of Luzon. Here's a look at our barbecue adventure.

Where’s the Meat? Too Much Pork Fat Ruined My Dinner.

The dish I made for the picnic at the beach looked delicious, but the pork fat ruined it for me.

How to Clean & Cook a Fish Filipino Style – Overstay Road Grill

Watch my Filipina wife demonstrate how to clean and prepare a fish with five slices of the blade. She fried this fish up in no time.

Cooking for My Filipina Wife’s Family at Our Beach Condo – Too Much Salt...

I made some pork stir fry for my Filipina and her family tonight.

My Chicken Stir Fry Got a Shocking AVERAGE ONLY Review from 3 Filipinas –...

I sincerely thought I had made the best chicken stir fry for my wife and crew. I rated it an excellent but the Filipinas complained it was too sweet and not enough salt.
Top Secret Barbecue Weaponry - Weber Q 2400

Top Secret Barbecue Weaponry – Weber Q 2400

A buddy just donated some new barbecue weaponry to the Overstay Road Grill. Take a look at this fine piece of grilling warfare.