Creative Ways to Serve Rice When You’re BROKE or in SURVIVAL Mode – Discussion with 2 Filipinas

I was hanging out in the kitchen with Filipina Wife #1 and Filipina Girlfriend #1 when we started talking about different ways to serve rice when you’re broke.

Join us for this informal discussion and chat about various off-the-wall topics of absolutely zero significance to anything. Basically we’re just smoking and joking and killing time during this here QUARANTINE.

Here’s a quick list of recipes for serving rice when you’re broke. Just use whatever ingredients you have leftover in your refrigerator, pantry, or spice rack:

  • Rice with Mustard
  • Rice with Ketchup
  • Rice with Barbecue Sauce
  • Rice with Worcestershire Sauce
  • Rice with Parmesan Cheese
  • Rice with Garlic Salt
  • Rice with Brown Spicy Mustard
  • Rice with Salt and Pepper
  • Rice with Mayonnaise
  • Rice with Parmesan Cheese, Oregano and Ketchup (Poor Man’s Spaghetti)
  • Rice with Pickles or Pickle Juice
  • Rice with Sardines
  • Rice with a single dried fish hanging in front of your nose to simulate fish flavor
  • Rice with Butter
  • Rice with Olive Oil
  • Rice with Brown Sugar
  • Rice with a Chicken Bouillon Flavor Cube
  • Rice with Tabasco Sauce

Yes, you can survive for a long time on a single bag of rice. If you’re in the States, just buy you a 50 pound bag of rice and I’m certain you’ll survive this pandemic.

This video was filmed on Day 12 of the Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine here in the Philippines – March 28, 2020