Cure a Cough with Homemade Jack Daniel's Elixir and Chocolate
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Cure a Cough with Homemade Jack Daniel’s Elixir and Chocolate

I picked up a nasty cough somehow and it just wouldn’t go away. After a quick trip to the market I whipped up a batch of my SECRET Jack Daniel’s Cough Elixir. 24 hours later and I was feeling much better. This Elixir is all natural and contains no pharmaceuticals.

This video is about an hour and a half long.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor and I’m not here giving medical advice. This is just a combination of fruits, roots, and juices that are available down at the grocery store and the liquor store, that, when combined, seem to help me get rid of a cold and cough. This Elixir could possibly put the pharmaceutical companies out of business.