DAY 57 – Homemade Baked Beans and “Hungarian Pork Sausage” that Tastes Like Vienna Sausage #DRUNK

Day 57 of this useless LOCKDOWN has come and gone.

After my walk up to Subic Town, I got back and proceeded to get tanked up on COLD beer and Evan Williams Whiskey.

My primal cooking instinct kicked in so I went to work on HOMEMADE BAKED BEANS and Bratwurst. Well, those dogs looked like Bratwurst when I bought them but they tasted like Vienna Sausage.

Either way, the dish turned out to be DELICIOUS.

I should have known they weren’t high-quality German sausages when Helen of Troy peeled the plastic coating off them bad boys.

I even fried some candied sweet potatoes for dessert!

WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE and DANCE SKILLS are the highlights of this short film. John Travolta ain’t got shit on me, my friends. #cloggin #DonQuixote