Do I Beat My Filipina Wife with Bamboo or Coco Lumber? The Haters & Trolls DEMAND Answers!!!

All the Haters, Trolls, Parrotts, Psychics, Angry Feminists, & Spineless Males from America are 100% convinced that I beat my poor, poor, wife here in the Philippines. Let me clear up a few things for you sad, sad, individuals in the West.


  1. Congrats on the new addition to your family. I just wanted to say thank you for saying those things about American women and that is why I have spent three years talking to different girls from the Philippines and I have finally found the one I want to meet face to face. I’m getting everything lined up so I can move to the Philippines in April and start a family and a farm on Samar Island. You are absolutely correct about the girls from Manila and that island what you said is exactly what I have run into but the girl I met from samar island is so much more the kind of woman I want to be with I’m very excited about moving there and starting a NEW LIFE. I really enjoyed the video I saw where you introduced your wife I will be watching more of them now and I think I may try to do some videos about places to visit when I get there, do you have any advice for me if you have time I would like to hear them. Anyway just wanted to say I really enjoyed that video and hope to see more. Oh yes I’m from America also and feel the same way about American women
    Scott LaMar

  2. Scott, Good luck with your new life here in the Philippines. I used to have a girlfriend from Samar as well. Back then, the Internet in my girl’s hometown sucked. I had to stay in Calbayog, which is civilization. I’m sure the Internet situation has improved by now.

    As far as advice, I’d say to watch several of the channels on YouTube that discuss specifically life and farming in the Philippines. I know that’s being Captain Obvious, but my channel is a bit different. I move around a lot and am always on the go. Living out in the Province in the village can get to be as boring as watching paint dry. I like to visit the village but after a couple of weeks I’ve got to roll out.

    Investing in a farm is wonderful for some guys and turns out to be a nightmare for others. Basically, if you and your Filipina get into a spat, your ass is out in the cold. You’ll be up here in Angeles City sitting on a bar stool next to me, broke and pissed off.

    So specific advice? When you come here, RENT a place for at least a year. That will give you time to evaluate the Philippines, Samar, your girl’s family, and your girl. You may decide that Samar isn’t for you. You may decide that your girl isn’t for you. You may say screw the Philippines and decide to go to Vietnam. If you RENT, you can pack your bags and roll out easily with nothing lost. I wouldn’t put anything in a Filipina’s name unless I’m married to her with at least two kids and one more on the way. Sure, the property values may go up and you end up paying 5 or 10 grand more for a property the next year. That’s better than losing ALL of your money if you and your chick split. RENT for one year. Go from there.

    Good luck, my friend. You’re going to love it here but just don’t let down your guard and get taken. It happens every day, just like in the West, but in a different manner. – Mark

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