Filipino Girls in the Philippines

Now, settle down if you are a Filipina who is a doctor, engineer, or lawyer and you’ve made something of your life. I’m not talking about you there, little darling.

I’m talking about the chicks who are trolling the online dating sites looking for Western guys like myself.

Girls in Manila

Manila girls have the dream of building their family a new home.

Many of them live in shitty conditions in the slums. When I say shitty conditions, you have no idea unless you’ve been there.

Ghettos in the United States do not compare to the slums and the squatter areas of Manila.

It’s heart breaking.

Regardless, the girls from Manila want to build their family a new home.

That’s their dream.

Girls in the Province

The girls from the province dream about opening up a small Sari-Sari store (local convenience store) in their village and staying with the family.

That’s it. Simple.

A Filipina Can Achieve Her Dream Quickly in Three Ways

There are three ways in which a girl can achieve her dream without working 40 years at a factory in the Philippines.

Girls in the Philippines - Online Dating and Cultural Advice

#1.  Number one is to go work abroad.

There are millions of Overseas Filipino workers who get paid pennies on the dollar (compared to the locals in any particular country), working in various countries around the world at McDonalds, KFC, and various other fast-food joints. Many Filipinas work as nannies and housekeepers as well.

Filipinos working abroad is basically the modern-day, English-speaking slave trade.

There. I said it.

Don’t act like I offended anyone because that’s exactly what it is. It’s unfair and diabolical. The industry exploits Filipinos, but exists because of the shitty state of affairs in the Philippines. The lazy bastards in the Middle East especially love the cheap labor.

What else should you call it? How can you justify paying Filipinos a fraction of what the local standing next to them is being paid, while doing the exact same job?

Anyway, a Filipino girl can go abroad and make $500 U.S. dollars a month. That’s over twice what she could make here in the Philippines.

#2.  The second way is for her to break down and go to Angeles City or Manila and become a stripper / bar girl / hooker.

She can make that money quick.

#3.  The third way is for her to get online and land a foreign guy to marry.

Any one of these three options will help a Filipina achieve her dream in a timely fashion.

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