Do Not Fall in Love with Bar Girls, Strippers, or Hookers

Do Not Fall In Love With Bar Girls, Strippers, or Hookers

The Typical Story…

You just got a divorce in the U.S. and cannot find a girl. Someone suggests you take a trip to the Philippines.

You have no idea what you’re getting into because you didn’t read my articles or do any research on the Philippines.

You stop by a gogo bar in Angeles City, Subic Bay, or Manila.

There is one of the most beautiful girls you’ve ever laid eyes on, dancing on a pole.

Girls in the Philippines - Online Dating and Cultural Advice

You buy her a drink and she sits down—right next to you.

You’ve never had a conversation with a girl this hot before and can’t believe she seems interested in you.

She tells you that she’s from a small village in the province. She had a local guy for a boyfriend. She got pregnant and Tonyo (the father) ran away.

She has no money to take care of her baby.

Her cousin is working in Angeles City and told her to come up there. She has only been working in the bar for two months and misses her family so much. She hates working in the bar and just wants to go home.

She can’t go home because she has to support everyone. Her entire monthly salary is only $200 U.S. dollars.

A tear rolls down your cheek.

Suddenly, you become…



(Say the words Captain Save-A-Ho the same way he says Captain Caveman. You’ll suddenly realize how fucking stupid you sound at that moment.)

Captain Save-A-Ho Syndrome

You tell her that if she will be your girl, she will never have to dance on a pole again.

You will send her home and Western Union money to her every month. Two hundred bucks a month is nothing! A few overtime shifts will cover that.

You spend two or three days with the girl before you have to return to your shitty life in the U.S. You start sending her money every month so she can take care of the baby and stay in the village. You’ve saved her from the grueling life of a bar girl.

As soon as you can get her a K-1 Fiancé Visa, she and the baby will move to America.

Now come back down to reality, motherfucker.

That bitch used that line on three other guys the same day you met her. She already has four suckers sending her money every month. They all think she is in the village taking care of her baby. You just became sucker #5 who believes the same shit.

The suckers think they are boyfriends.

The girl calls them sponsors.

Want to be a sponsor? A jackass who pays for it all?

Stay the hell away from bar girls, strippers, and hookers. Make damn sure you don’t fall in love with one and get married.

Trust me, there are new Captain-Save-A-Ho’s arriving in the Philippines every day. Don’t be one of them.

This Advice Applies to Every Corner of the Earth

This advice is not specific to the Philippines. You can apply this same advice anywhere in the world.

I’m not picking on Filipinas or singling them out.

I’m singling out hookers. A hooker’s job is to get your money, by any means necessary. She doesn’t give a damn about you, your life in the U.S., your hobbies, what you think, the type of music you like, etc. She gives a damn about that cash in your wallet.

Stay away from the hookers!

Get on FilipinoCupid and find a nice girl from the province. Yes, it will take some effort and travel. Most guys get frustrated and end up at the gogo bar within a few days. That’s where their troubles begin.

More Reading

Make sure you read all the articles in this series on How to Date a Filipina so you know what to expect!

Then, come to the Philippines, meet a nice girl, and enjoy the hell out of your life.


  1. What happends if i married one of them?
    Im fall deep in… i did not read this before..

  2. My soon to be ex dumped me and the family for a bar girl he thinks is the best thing thats ever happened to him, he’s a fool and all I can do is laugh he’s already spent thousands on her , yeah buddy she really loves you 🙄… more like she loves the money and gifts, what a fool

  3. Dear Leah,

    I’m sorry to hear that your boyfriend/husband is running away with a bar girl. Apparently, he didn’t read this article or heed my expert advice on the subject. Maybe he fell into the Captain Save-A-Ho trap. There’s about a 99% chance he’ll lose a ton of money. She’ll convince him to invest in a pig farm for her family that will never make a dime. Once he goes broke, she’ll be back to dancing on that exact same pole in Angeles City. There are about 150 million nice girls in the Philippines looking for a foreign guy. If he plucked one off a pole in Angeles City, he’s just a pure dumbass.

    In his defense, if your relationship is on the rocks, then he is doing you both a favor. Life is too short to be unhappy. Let him be the captain of his own destiny and you be the captain of yours. Maybe he will live happily ever after with the bar girl and surprise us both. But who gives a shit? If he has moved on, then live YOUR life. Don’t worry about what he’s doing. He’s gone. Life is about change. Embrace it.

    If you’re in the U.S., you’ll get everything, anyway. The house, the kids, child support, alimony, etc. That’s the way the system works. Get ready to get paid.

    Getting dumped sucks. Nobody likes to be lied to, cheated on, or abandoned. I got it. Hey, it happens.

    I will admit that breakups have become much easier as I’ve gotten older. Nowadays, if a girl dumps me, I’ll mourn for about five minutes, give or take a minute or two. It depends on how long it takes me to walk to the bar. Once I get my hands on a cold beer, the mourning period is over. Life is too short to cry over a person who doesn’t WANT to be with you. You can make a person do a lot of things, but you can’t make them WANT to do anything. Think about that.

    Thanks for stopping by and joining the conversation. Please keep us updated on your situation so that others may learn from it.


  4. Mark Dino here love your stuff. Ive been around never to Philippines Ive read all your articles so from what Ive gathered i can take care of my self in any situation except crazy ass hot pussy.So this is my plan go to Mindanao stay for a month chill and find a 7 for a wife because in my experience never ever marry a 10 .Im going n December any ADVICE FROM THE MASTER?

  5. Dino,

    Have a good time in Mindanao, my friend. As far as advice, that would take all day. Ha! It’s good that you read the articles. Watch some of the sad stories on YouTube from other Western men who have come to the Philippines and got their hearts broken and went home broke. Not saying that’s the norm, but it’s always good to learn from other people’s mistakes.

    The best life advice I can give is for you to read my book, The King’s Chronicles: how to escape the wrath of American women and live like a king. It will help you put things in perspective with the big picture of why Western men look for Asian ladies. Asian girls aren’t perfect, but you have to get away from the attitudes, civil law bias, and cultural norms of Western women. Once you do that, you can live a much better life. One that’s fair to you (the man), as well.

    Good luck, my friend. Drop me a line when you get to the Philippines and let me know how it’s going.


  6. Hi Mark, interesting reading, I’m kinda caught up in something similar but the girl is saying her brother is in jail because his girlfriends parents said he had un consented sex with her both are under age… she was going today to beg them to drop the charges.. I’m sure its nothing money won’t fix.. have you heard this one before? am I that stupid, everything else seems so genuine. thanks for any advice before it costs me my marriage and a shit load of cash, thanks, Robert

  7. Robert,

    Let her lazy ass brother rot in jail before you give one Peso. I don’t care what he’s got himself into. To be quite honest, it’s better that he stays in jail because he’s one less problem you have to deal with.


  8. Hi Mark, thanks for your speedy reply, its funny the brothers not been mentioned again after I didn’t show much interest into the situation. Now I’m told they have a problem with where they live, the owner doesn’t want them there anymore… wow what a coincidence hey, my first thoughts are what would you do if you didn’t meet me 3 weeks ago? off course I won’t express that view. Now she wants to buy a small house and land at the cost of 300,000 pesos… there has been a few red flags but overall she does seem genuine, thats where it becomes hard, they do know how to play us guys one mate that lives in Cebu says they are masters of manipulation.. maybe he is spot on the money. I’m a decent guy and would never deceive anyone and I guess thats why its hard to see whats really happening, because its so hard to believe that this or other girls especially ones that preach about God would do it.

    I feel like I’ve been high on drugs and slowly coming down off it, I’m starting to see clarity in it all however still not 100% on whether its all fake or not, I know you probably want to belt me across the head at this point.. I’m going to play along with her and see what happens when I say I can’t help with buying a house ect, just to see if things change.. I’m kinda expecting it will..

    The sad thing is all I wanted to do was assist her in going home to see her family as she had not been home for 10 years or so she says.. I still wonder how I got caught up in the whole thing.. she just fulfilled everything that was missing in my marriage and my life. if it all turns out to be one big lie I’ll be heart broken to say the least but at-least I will not have lost too much money.. I do feel like such a fool..

    thanks for your time, I wish I read your article before I went… if it saves 1 man from heart break then its well worth it.

    cheers Robert

  9. Robert,

    Where you at right now? You here in the Philippines? If so, we need to get together.

    DO NOT give that bitch one Peso for anything! Break contact with her, get you a hotel room in Angeles City, and let’s talk.


  10. Hi Mark, no I’m back home in oz, she’s keen on me coming back as soon as I can, she is back in her village and wants me to come there and meet the family.. not quite sure what I’ll do, at this time I’m just playing along, I want to see what happens when no money is sent, that will reveal the true person. Next time I’m in Angeles I’d love to catch up for a beer or 2.. cheers, Robert

  11. Mark,
    I’ve fallen so deep in love with her. I’m not in the Philippines but I’m in South Korea currently in the military. I went to a club and there she was. I immediately just completely fell in love with her not knowing her name, story or anything, but that night I got to know her. She has a baby and her ex left her. It’s kind of the story I read above. I don’t give her money though. I got her number and have been texting her ever since! Every Weeknd I have to go see her she motivates me, i guess that’s what loves just does. Since I’m in the military it is worth getting married to her, but my friends tell me that I should get that idea out of my brain to leave her she only wants my money and to get a greencard from me. I’m 18 I know that I’m young but I just wanted to share my story and possibly get a reply.

  12. My friend,

    Once a girl starts working at a bar, she will never be the same. She will always have that bar girl knowledge and attitude. She knows that she can leave you today and be making money tonight as a hooker. She will always have that power over you. Listen, this is coming from a guy who has married, dated, fell in love with, etc. with many bar girls. I learned the hard way. That’s why I put my story out there so that young guys like you don’t make the same mistakes. So if you want my advice, DO NOT marry a bar girl. There are millions of nice girls out there who would love to marry a young guy like you. You’re in the military so you have a job, benefits, etc.

    Come over here to the Philippines and find yourself a nice girl.

    With all that said, hey man, life is short. The other option is to marry the chick and roll the dice. I’ve done a lot crazier shit for less than love.

  13. So I pick a girl last night from bar and next day I told her if we can go to the beach and she said yes. She was happy about it.
    Well after leaving within 40 mins I received a msg that she is sorry and her manager knows everything and she cannot come. She is asking me to come tonight and speak with her manager.
    Damn manager can be a problem ? Manager ? The owner of the bar is Korean.

  14. Jake,

    Fuck that manager. Don’t go back to the bar even if they call you. Fuck that motherfucker. Pick another bar and enjoy yourself. And by the way, don’t go to the Korean bars if you’re not Korean. They don’t want you there. If you walk in and see a South Korean flag and nothing but Korean folks, go somewhere else (unless you are Korean). – Mark

  15. Mark, on YouTube Live, you said you dated a Hooter’s girl but she was crazy. When did you figure out that she was? It seems like waitresses should be added to the list : )

  16. I married a bargirl.After 18 months living in the West she left me and now I’m on hook for spousal and child support.So I went back to Angeles.I don’t plan on marrying the new woman.Told her I’m broke.She went back to her province as she claims her family doesnt like her working the bar and invited me to spend a couple of weeks.I told her I’m not paying for anything but my food and booze.No problem she says.Whats her game do you think?

  17. Charles,

    Go hang out with the girl. But you know that if you hang out in the province you’ll be shelling out some funds for pork and vegetables to cook at her family’s house. Add a few crates of Red Horse for the brothers and then you know how much extra cash to bring. Thanks for sharing your story, my friend. While you don’t want to get taken for a second ride by the new girl, hey man, life is short. Get back on the horse and keep riding. I tell my chicks I’m broke all the time but they still want 200 Pesos to go shopping on Fridays. Let me know how it turns out, my friend. Mark

  18. Hi there I read your post. Can you help me please? I met this girl on a sex cam site. She is only 21 years old and a virgin. She fell in love with me in just a few days of me visiting her on the cam site as I did not want to see her naked but just chat. To this day I have never done a private show with her.

    Anyway this was in October 2018 and now we are in a long distance relationship. She has asked me for money only once and that too because of her friends pushing her. I got mad at her and after that she never asked again but always hinted to that she needs money for something. We have had many fights over this and she has made it clear that she is not is not interested in my money. She gets very very jealous whenever I mention another girl. I’ve never met her in real but I am planning to visit her by this year.

    In just few weeks of me chatting with her she had told her mom about me. I have spoken to her sister and her in laws who all seem nice. She keeps asking me when I’m going to come to Phillpines and meet her mom. Now, I understand she is a cam girl, which is the same as a virtual stripper I suppose. But whats your take on this girl Mark? She is young who left her studies due to financial reasons. Is this girl right for me? I know it’s too late to ask now cause I’m in love with her. But still I need some input from you. By the way I’m only 23 myself.

    Thanks buddy

  19. Sam,

    Give me some time to reply to your comment, my friend. I may even feature your comment on a live stream so others can weigh in on your situation as well. Mark

  20. No worries Mark. Take your time. Let me know if you need anymore information about my situation. I appreciate your advice and help.

  21. Are foreign males really that stupid to do that…fall in love with a sex worker? You wouldn’t fall in love with a sex worker you met in the States, would you? Would you parade her around town as your girlfriend? Probably not. While there may be a slim as @#$& chance that the bargirl isn’t just reeling you in, the best advice is DON’T get emotionally involved, keep it a business transaction at best, etc.

  22. PS these comments were NOT directed at Sam above, just the general western men who often don’t think clearly. Me, I live in the Philippines, married to a Filipina (I met her in the States) and even in our little, backwater Visayas town which is definitely NOT a sex tourism destination, it’s not uncommon to see older foreigners with younger locals. Sam…how can you fall in love with a woman you’ve barely met? Never met?

  23. Sam,

    I’m about to premiere this video about your situation with the web cam girl.

    Most of the video will probably piss you off and is not what you want to hear, but make sure you watch the whole thing. There is a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

    My comments are designed to invoke serious thought in yourself and others who find themselves under similar circumstances. If feelings get stepped on or hurt, then so be it. Often in life, we need to hear a jagged, dissenting opinion and not just the fake words of encouragement we normally get.

    At the end of the day, it’s your life and you should do whatever makes you happy, my friend. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks.


  24. Hey Mark

    I really really appreciate you doing this for me. I watched the entire video till the end. I really liked you giving me advice from both angles. Some corrections however is that this girl is not from Manila, but from a province in Mindanao. I don’t think that changes any of the advice you given me though.

    Also I recently found out, through sneaky ways that she slept with someone around Christmas last year and lost her virginity to him while she was drunk and doesn’t even remember it. She did not tell me this as I had to use my own brain to find this out. I did confront her on this and she accepted that she did hide this from me and lied to me. Anyway I’ve stopped chatting to her now as I think I figured it out that she was really just looking for a ticket to come to the UK. Maybe she loved me or maybe not, but I really doubt it after she slept with a guy at the same time she was chatting with me and planning a future to marry me. I am sorta heartbroken that she was just using me, but I guess I realise now to be alot more careful with Filipinas especially the ones that proclaim to have fallen in love with you in just a few weeks without even seeing you or meeting you. Also I’m glad I did not waste my money to visit her. She does still get jealous that I chat with other girls, but has said that I should never chat with her again, which I obviously agreed to. I guess I never really loved her too but wanted to save her (yes Captain Save ho) from a potential fate of being a single mom left to support her child. Anyways I think this advice will help other guys out there who are interested in cam girls.

    If I do ever come Philippines then I would look for alot better girls who don’t drink and who have never gone near a bar. This girl eventhough is doing this because of poverty, I think stooped too low and crossed the line after she started to play with my emotions to get what she wants. Even though she says that her feelings were true to me it’s hard to believe that. She did apologize for the lying and cheating and has said that I should find someone better. I agreed to that. If I do ever reconnect with this girl it will be with extreme caution and will take a very long time and many visits to even consider her as a potential spouse.

    Thank you very much Mark for the awesome video and advice, which I think I will soak in and watch the video multiple times to remind myself of being careful and also sometimes maybe taking a risk.


  25. Sam,

    You’re a good man, my friend. Don’t let this one chick discourage you from moving forward. You just ended up looking for love in the wrong place from the start. Take a breather, reflect on the lessons learned, and get back on the horse. This time, try a normal dating site. You’ll still have to weed through the 60% BS and scams, but you’ll eventually find some nice girls to chat with.

    I appreciate you sharing your story, for there are many more folks who have been and are in the same situation. Hopefully your story, comments, and the video will help them as well.


  26. Well I just come across this site fantastic insights and knowledge I’m going to Angeles city in January 2020 till march 2020
    There’s a GRO bar girl I met worked in a bar for 4 days and left saying she hates the job, the waitresses told me sgecwas a cherry girl,, she is now living in Manila, we got together for 2 days I was hooked, she is now working in a clothes shop and has been sick not able to work and pay her rent, I transferred 5000 pesos to her to help her, the thing is, I am not sure of what to do next,, am I an ATM MACHINE on legs she says she loves me and wants me to meet her family, I got drunk one night and in Skype asked her to marry me she said yes but we need to get to know each other better. I sobered up and agreed,, my question is do you think a girl who worked in a bar for four days and left the job is a good bet for a lasting relationship ? Or should I be wary I am good athletic 55 she is 30

  27. My Friend,

    First of all, you know NOTHING about this girl. You just told me you spent 2 days with her. You’ve had what’s called a GFE (Girlfriend Experience) with a bar girl.

    Second, there AIN’T NO 30 YEAR OLD CHERRY GIRLS IN THE PHILIPPINES. If there are, they are about as plentiful in numbers as the Wooly Mammoth.

    Third, bar girls, waitresses in bars, and their friends tell LIES to get your money. It’s part of their profession.

    Watch these two videos closely:

    My advice to you is to hit the fucking brakes and start over. You’re starting out with the wrong girl. It’s like building a great house on a shitty, cracked, fucked up slab with no rebar in it. There are millions of girls here looking for a guy like you who have NEVER stepped foot inside a GoGo bar or danced on a pole. Yes, it takes time and work to find a good girl. It takes some travel and money. In the long run, it will be worth the investment.

    But, it’s your life, my friend. Life is short and then we all die. If you like this girl, roll the dice. Go all in and marry the chick. Don’t let me or anyone else make your decisions. Maybe it will work out for you. I’ll even dance at your wedding and try my best to sleep with the girl’s sister and three of her cousins.

    Good luck and keep us updated so that others may learn from your experience.


  28. Hi Mark,

    I reached your blog while searching for an advice. I will surely sound like a nosy or jealous neighbor, but I’d like to get your advice on how to secretly inform an American guy that his Filipina girlfriend is living with another guy in the Philippines.

    I actually would like to comment on your post: but unfortunately, commenting is already turned off.

    First off, I’m a Filipina and married to a Filipino. I studied, worked, and lived most of my life in my country’s capital so I didn’t know that this culture of Filipinas hooking up with foreigners for money still exists after the Americans left Clark in the ’90s. Was I living under the rock? Maybe not but I was busy building a career and never in my life that I planned to use a foreigner or any guy as an express entry ticket overseas as I can easily do it myself if I wanted to.

    A few years ago, my brother-in-law lived with a woman separated from her husband and with 5 kids. The family doesn’t approve of that woman as she and her multitude of kids bring problems to my husband’s family. For 3 years, that shameless woman and my lazy brother-in-law lived with my parents-in-law who are already retired and depend only on their social security pension. This year, they moved-in to another house that used to generate income for my parents-in-law.

    Then a few weeks ago, I discovered thru social media that the shameless woman has been (and is still) in a relationship with a guy from the US even before she moved-in to my in-laws’ house. That guy visited her twice in the Philippines, both during the time she was staying at my in-laws’ house. The guy posted photos on social media that they checked-in to a hotel twice and also went on a vacation in Baguio together with her children, her parents, and even her sister’s family. Apparently, my brother-in-law approves of these things because he justifies that nothing “happened” between that guy and the shameless woman. He refused to kick that woman out even after my mother-in-law told him so.

    The woman is educated and works for a call center company in Angeles. Kitty Kat’s suggestion to date “an educated woman, one who has degrees and earns a living” is not true in the case of this shameless woman that my brother-in-law is dating. I agree that women of her kind are manipulative because I can’t believe that my brother-in-law fell for her (she’s really ugly, by the way) and even believed her lies that she only does those things to support her 5 children — that she will marry the American guy, petition her children, get a divorce, and then petition my brother-in-law. She has not yet even started processing the annulment of her marriage after 5 years of being in a relationship with that American guy! It’s clear that she’s with him for his money and nothing else.

    I am thinking of maybe blackmailing the woman, for her to leave my brother-in-law. My brother-in-law brought nothing but heartaches to my mother-in-law. It’s like he picked up a rock and instead of hitting his own head, he hit my mother-in-law but my husband and I got hurt instead. We augment the financial needs of my parents-in-law while those bastards are living rent-free in their property.

    Thank you for reading my message. I hope it contributed something new to your readers and will appreciate any advice from you and/or your followers.

  29. Marquee,

    Thanks for your comment. The story you just told is sad, but typical and all-too frequent here. But, it’s not exclusive to the Philippines. It’s the same situation the world round when it comes to these so-called LDR’s (long-distance relationships) where the foreign guy visits his “family” twice a year. The rest of the time, the local girl has a local boyfriend and is enjoying life. It sounds like the American guy has no clue about the local boyfriend (your brother-in-law) since he’s traveling around with the family and playing the good step-dad. Your brother-in-law sounds like the typical lazy ass who tolerates the foreign guy screwing his lady twice per year just to get the monthly income (from the foreign guy) so he doesn’t have to work.

    My advice? Do what your heart tells you to do. She’s wasting the American guy’s time and money, and screwing with his emotions. He will never be able to get her a visa to go to the United States. She’s married. He’s playing Captain Save-A-Ho to someone who can’t be saved. He’s dreaming of a life with the girl that will never happen. She and your brother-in-law will continue to take the old man’s money without shame or guilt. I know exactly what I would do, but it’s your conscience.

    There Comes a Time When Silence is Betrayal.

    Good luck with the situation. Let us know how things turn out.


  30. Hi,
    Your so accurate. I fell in love with a bar girl some 13 years ago. Lost my job, reputation, pension basically everything. She left me to go back to the bars. Now I have 13k peso a month to live on out in a remote village with her three kids. I adopted the eldest the others well I don’t know.of they are mine or not. But matters not, I love my kids and will try to get them out of the country with me.
    These girls are excellent liars, they Gaslight you (google Gaslighting) and if you have fallen in love then for God’s sake wake up before you end up penniless like me.

  31. Jon,

    Thanks for your comment, my friend. There are a lot of us who have been down your same road in some form or fashion. All we can do is share our stories and hope that others learn something. You’re a good man for taking care of the children. – Mark

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