Electrical Brownout in the Philippines – No Cold Beer!

I can live without air-conditioning, hot water for the shower, a TV, and lights at my beach condo. I do not WANT to live without cold beer! The electricity has been out all day.


  1. Hi, Mark
    How’s it going? Started watching your videos , interesting. I understand about American life, You get up ! Work your ass off , come home eat, sleep , and repeat. It really is rat race , when you say the simple life …
    You mean no work , no stress, laid back?
    Is that flilpino life style? I always thought no money no honey in those kind of countries.
    But sure not every woman not like that. Now that older in my early 50”s the dating pool has shrank for me. What’s woman like in Philippines and what’s your pros and cons of actually going there and meeting somebody? Thanks , Allen.

  2. Allen,

    Man, start living your life again, my friend. Take a trip here to the Philippines and find you a nice girl. No woman in the States wants me or you. You’re wasting your life away there, like most American men.

    Read my series of articles on How to Date a Filipina.

    Get on Filipino Cupid and start chatting with some girls. Narrow it down to two or three and then get on a flight to Manila.

    You don’t need to be rich to find a nice girl here. If you go to Thailand, then yes, you need a lot of money. Thai women are very expensive to date or marry. Filipinas are still searching for true love. Just don’t fall in love with a bar girl or stripper and you’ll be fine.


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