How to Date a Filipina – Introduction to the Blog Series

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Introduction to the Blog Series

I started to publish a full-length book on the subject of How to Date a FilipinaI decided it would be much easier to just share the knowledge through a series of blog posts. Although the information is free, the actual value to you, the reader, is priceless.

Read all of these posts. As a matter of fact, read every damn article you can find on the subject before you make your first trip to the Philippines.

Girls in the Philippines - Online Dating and Cultural Advice

Learn from others who have gone before you. The culture of dating and marriage in the Philippines is much different that that of the West. You have no idea how to play the game because no one has explained what the rules are.

I’ll break things down for you in simple, layman’s terms.

Opinions vary, so don’t take my advice as the concrete guide. I don’t know it all. However, I’ve been dating girls in the Philippines for several years now and have more than enough personal experience to back up my theories.

I’m writing these words from the Philippines, on a beautiful white-sand beach, underneath a palm tree. My Filipina is sitting right beside me contributing to this work of art.

I hope you enjoy the articles. Keep checking back here because I will keep adding topics as they present themselves.


Listen, I love the Philippines. It’s a wonderful country. I love and respect the culture, although I don’t love everything about it. I’ve learned a lot about this place and learn more every day I spend here.

Girls in the Philippines Online Dating and Cultural Advice

Maybe none of the things I talk about apply to your situation or your experience in dating girls in the Philippines.

However, there are enough foreigners that come over here and lose their ass because they are temporarily blinded by beauty. Therefore, I’m publishing what I think and what I’ve observed.

If you’ve never been to the Philippines and are planning your first trip, just don’t lose your mind and fall in love with the first girl you see. You will end up losing all of your money. It happens every day here.

Use the same common sense when it comes to your finances that you would use when dealing with women in your home country and you’ll be fine. If you try to play Captain Save-A-Ho to an Angeles City bar girl, get ready to lose everything you’ve got.

Make sure you read all the articles in this series on How to Date a Filipina so you know what to expect!

Then, come to the Philippines, meet a nice girl, and enjoy the hell out of your life.


  1. what do u do if u met a girl, who finally admits she is still hitched, and wants to be with u rather than the SoB that ran away from her more than 5 years ago…?

  2. You have to proceed with caution, my friend. If the girl is still married, it’s a risk. Most of the time nobody cares, but you have to be aware that if the husband makes a complaint, you and the girl can get locked up. That’s reality. It takes money and a lot of time to get her marriage annulled. That’s why I tell guys to make 100% sure their lady is not married before proceeding very long into the relationship. If a girl is married, she can’t be with me. She’s got to hit the road.

  3. Where is the blog? The links have only brought me straight back to this introduction page.

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