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Philosophy & Politics

LUZON LOCKDOWN Day 20 – Biscuits, Pizza, & UPDATES on the Chinese Bat Research...

Day 20 of this lockdown has come and gone. Here's a look at our day during the Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine during this worldwide Pandemic.

LUZON LOCKDOWN Day 16 – UPDATE + 70s & 90s Reflections & Partying in...

DAY 16 of this lockdown has come and gone. There ain't too much to report today, my friends.

Stories About My Ex-Girlfriend + 2 Filipinas FIGHT Over a Solar Cooked Egg –...

Nothing much to report here, my friends. However, country music legend Joe Diffie passed away at age 61 due to complications from Covid-19.

UFC Champion Jon Jones Arrested Again – Let Me Talk To You, My Friend...

Jon "Bones" Jones is one of the best MMA fighters to ever walk the Earth. Period.

I Feel Sorry for Joe Biden & Do I Smell a Boomerang Made of...

You'll just have to watch the whole video to understand why. It's time for someone in his family to grab a set of balls and help the old gentleman.

Dear China, FUCK YOU. I’m in Prison because of you MOTHERFUCKERS

The Kingdom of Marcos has declared WAR on The Chinese Communist Party.

Working from Home During the Pandemic? Here’s a Tip. PLUS 2 Things You Didn’t...

If you're stuck at home during this Quarantine situation, here's how to be productive.

I’m Thinking About Going on a Cruise

This #LOCKDOWN and #QUARANTINE has me thinking ahead to brighter days, my friends.


Just wanted to update my Thank You's to everyone who has sent funds via PayPal and the back channels.