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Dude, You’re As Primitive As A Cave Man – Gold Medal Comment of the...

This comment had me laughing for an hour. Apparently, some of you think that my beach condo is a "shit pit".

Took Me 3 Days to Upload One Video

It's hard to run a YouTube channel off the Internet from your cell phone. It took me three days to upload one video.

Picnic at the Beach – Two Minutes From My $28 Per Month Condo in...

I made some pork and we had a nice picnic on the beach while the sun set. It's only a two-minute walk from our condo.

Riding in the Back of My Limousine in the Philippines. Like a Boss.

Had to ride in my limo down to Bogo City to hit the ATM machine. Take a ride with me through the countryside, here in the Philippines.

Free Food at Barangay Night? NOPE. Lost $3 USD in a Card Game, Instead!

My Filipina wife wanted to go to Barangay night because there was a rumor about free food. I got hooked on a card game and almost lost my ass.

Getting a Haircut in the Philippines

Here's a look at the barber shop I go to. A haircut and shave is 60 Pesos which is about $1.11 USD. I fell asleep in the damn barber's chair.

Why I Had to Implement the House Rules & Where’s My Neighbor?

Just a quick good morning to all of my subscribers.

Why Most of You Can’t Live This Cheap

You CAN live cheap in the Philippines. YOU may not be able to live this cheap in the Philippines. Here's why.

How to Get to My Friend Alan’s Shop Where I Drink Beer – Kawit...

I'll show you where to get some cold beer over at the Kawit Public Market, in Cebu Province, The Philippines. Go see my friend Alan.