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Mr. Trump, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL – LOCKDOWN & QUARANTINE DAY 26 #ChineseBatResearchVirus

Day 26 of being LOCKED DOWN due to the Coronavirus is in the history books.

Luzon LOCKDOWN Day 19 – Another Trip to the Pharmacy and Walk to 7-11...

It's Saturday, April 4th, 2020. DAY 19 of the Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine here in the Philippines.

U.S. Navy Deploys to Venezuela for “Anti-Drug” Ops? China Says Bear Bile & Goat...

Here's a rambling conversation about Politics, Bullshit and World Events.

LOCKDOWN Day 17 LUZON Enhanced Community QUARANTINE – Quick Walk to the Pharmacy

Filipina Wife #1 found some fresh fish and squid this morning. The Tilapia was trying to swim out of the bowl.

LUZON LOCKDOWN Day 16 – UPDATE + 70s & 90s Reflections & Partying in...

DAY 16 of this lockdown has come and gone. There ain't too much to report today, my friends.

LOCKDOWN Day 14 LUZON Enhanced Community QUARANTINE – Ain’t Much Going On

Day 14 of this lockdown is now in the history books. It was a quiet day here in the Philippines.

LOCKDOWN Day 13 – Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine UPDATE + Spaghetti Carbonara for Supper

Another day during this worldwide PANDEMIC goes down in the history books, my friends.

Saturday Night Stay-At-Home QUARANTINE House Party Overlooking TIMES SQUARE – LOCKDOWN Day 12 PARTY

Last Saturday night I partied like a ROCKSTAR on the balcony of my Penthouse Suite overlooking Times Square. And no, I'm not talking about the Times Square in New York City.

8K Walk up to Subic Town – It’s a BUSY Place Compared to Barrio...

I decided not to take a trike as public transportation is supposed to be suspended. I didn't want any problems in case we got stopped at a Police checkpoint.