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Stories About Pablo

Here's a few random stories about my good friend, Pablo.

I’m Thinking About Going on a Cruise

This #LOCKDOWN and #QUARANTINE has me thinking ahead to brighter days, my friends.

LOCKDOWN Chillin on the Balcony and Enjoying the Sights and Sounds of Times Square

Day 8 of the Luzon Enhanced Community Quarantine has come and gone.


Word on the street is that things are going to get LOCKED DOWN even more than they are now. Who the hell knows what's going to happen.

LOCKDOWN Day 5 – Is the Cure WORSE than the VIRUS? Working on My...

I didn't venture out today. I just didn't feel like having to stop by the barangay and beg for a damn pass to get through the checkpoints.

BARRIO BARRETTO LOCKDOWN – Diaper Run – Streets are Getting Quieter and Now I...

Barrio Barretto is basically a ghost town. Even if you make it past the checkpoint and get to DiviMart, there ain't no tricycles to help you carry your goods back home.

Race to BEAT THE #CURFEW with 12 Bottles of #CORONA #Beer in My Backpack...

You can see for yourself the conditions on the ground here in Barretto and Subic Bay. Tonight was much quieter than last night, with less tricycles.

#BARRIOBARRETTO #LOCKDOWN Update and Walking Tour – Enroute to Pick Up Basic Provisions #QUARANTINE

Join me for a walk from the Matain River to the Coffee Shop in Barrio Barretto. I had to go pick up diapers, some food, and basic provisions.

12 Hours Until LOCKDOWN of Metro Manila – Walking Tour of Alabang Town Center

I drank some beer at a place called The Perfect Pint. That was some of the best Craft Beer I've ever tasted.