Travel Gear & Fashion

Travel Gear and Fashion

#LOCKDOWN DAY 2 Chillin’ on the Penthouse Balcony + Quick Review of my Arc’teryx...

Drinking a rum and Coke and working on my tan. Just making the best of our situation.

First Flight in My Huey

Just enjoy the view while I get familiar with the controls of this here helicopter.

Jeepney Ride from Barrio Barretto at the Matain River up to Subic Town and...

Join us on a Jeepney ride from the Matain River at Barrio Barretto up to Subic Town. The trip cost us 15 Pesos each ($0.30 USD).

GoPro Hero 8 Black Magically RESURRECTS ITSELF FROM THE DEAD! I Went Walkabout to...

Folks, a MIRACLE happened this morning. My GoPro Hero 8 Black mysteriously RESURRECTED itself back from the dead after being down for 3 days!

Goodbye GoPro Hero 8 Black – The Final Review After 3 Months of Everyday...

Last night during a filming of my cooking show, I dropped the camera from my lap to the ground. That two-foot drop put the GoPro out of commission.

Vlogging on a GoPro Hero 8 Black Vs. Full-Size Camera – Which One is...

I decided to take my Sony FDR-AX100 with us during our nightly stroll. Would it be better to vlog and film on a proper camera rather than simply using a GoPro Hero 8 Black?

Can You Vlog and Make YouTube Videos on a GoPro Hero 8 Black?

Take a morning walk with me around Barrio Barretto while I discuss whether or not you can vlog on a GoPro Hero 8 Black.

Why I Gave GoPro a Second Chance + Review of Hero 8 Black After...

I've filmed about 19 videos with my GoPro Hero 8 Black since I purchased it about a month ago. It's been a good camera so far with one HARDWARE flaw.

DJI Osmo Pocket Underwater Test

Here's a quick video showing you how to install the DJI Osmo Pocket in the underwater housing.