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Travelon Anti-Theft Concealed Carry Slim Bag – World Travel Gear

Anti-Theft Bag

I picked up this little shoulder bag by Travelon. It’s designed for concealed carry but it also makes a great bag for the world traveler.

The zippers are quality and smooth as silk. When I evaluate a travel bag with zippers, I can approve or discard the product within two seconds. If the damn zipper is cheap and snags, is not smooth, etc., then it’s not for me. This little bag by Travelon passes the test with flying colors. I just did a quick check and it’s still functioning perfectly.

Get Rid of the Velcro Holster

I took out the insert that holds a handgun and gave it to the security guard at my hotel. If you’re traveling the world you obviously don’t need that feature.

Excellent Bag with Only 1 Complaint

After testing it out, my only complaint is that the strap is too narrow and not comfortable to wear for extended periods. This is an easy fix if you just purchase a shoulder pad.

Travelon should include some type of shoulder pad to solve this issue.

Overall Impression?

I ended up giving the bag to my girlfriend. She loves it. (The darn bag has lipstick stains all in the interior now for some reason.)

It seems that women are used to carrying purses and bags with a thin strap. As a man, I’m not. I love the THICK, MEATY strap on my Indiana Gear Bag. It’s comfortable and I can wear that satchel for days without getting tired.

In summary, the Travelon Anti-Theft Concealed Carry Slim Bag is well worth the money and is a quality product. I recommend it for a secure travel bag. Just buy a cheap shoulder pad and it will be perfect.