Best Areas in the Philippines to Meet a Nice Filipina for Marriage

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What Area of the Philippines Should You Focus On?

There are over 7,107 islands in the Philippines. For every island you go to, the culture is slightly different in some way. Many local dialects and languages are spoken here. Attitudes are different.

So, what do you select for your geographical search on FilipinoCupid?

I’ve traveled from Luzon to Mindanao and several places in between. I’ve formed an opinion about where to look for good girls. This is going to piss off a lot of Filipinas who are friends, but it has to be said.

Avoid Manila

It’s easier for me to detail the geographical area that I think you should avoid. Maybe you are not going to follow my advice on this and that’s fine. But, I can tell you that I’m not going to chase girls in these areas.

Don’t look for girls in Manila.

Don’t even think about looking for girls in Angeles City or Subic Bay.

To play it safe, stay away from the ENTIRE island of Luzon. Avoid it.

Wow. I know that’s a shocking and biased opinion. That’s too bad because I’m entitled to an opinion just like everyone else. Now, let me qualify my argument.

Manila is a big city. It’s one of the shittiest cities in the world. It’s overcrowded, the traffic is terrible, there are way too many people, and most of the poor live in horrendous conditions. Therefore, the level of poverty and desperation is high.

Many of the girls I’ve dated were just too deep into survival mode because of how they are forced to live. That survival instinct makes them focus on one thing. That thing is money.

Girls in the Philippines - Online Dating and Cultural Advice

They can only think about how they can get that money out of your pocket so they can give it to their families. Again, it’s heart breaking. I love them all. But, I’m not rich. I can’t save even one of them. So, to think that they’re really into you because of who you are or because you are a nice guy is always questionable with these girls.

You can never really know.

Stay the Hell Away From Angeles City and Subic Bay!

Angeles City is one of the sex tourism hot spots of the world. It has been since the U.S. military established Clark Airbase there. Yes, the Americans are largely responsible for most of these types of locations around the globe. If an American military base pops up, a huge prostitution trade is born.

The same goes for Subic Bay, which is a former navy base for the United States. If you meet a girl within 100 miles of either Angeles City or Subic Bay, you are in for trouble.

Is that being stereotypical? Hell yes it is, but for damn good reason.

Most of the girls from this region are tainted because they have a cousin who is married to a foreigner, and therefore the girl has a lot of money. Or, they have a cousin who works in Angeles City as a hooker and therefore, the girl has a lot of money.

The girls in this region are looking to get to the same level. You can’t blame them for this. When money and benefits are dangled in front of your face, you’re going to want a piece of the pie as well.

Do yourself a favor and hunt anywhere in the Philippines but Luzon. For reference, Luzon is the big island that Manila, Angeles City, and Subic Bay are located on. I could just list those three cities, but the collateral damage has already been done. The bad attitudes have spilled over and spread.

Look Out in the Province (The Countryside)

Try to find a province girl. That basically means a girl from out in the country. A village girl. A girl from a small island. One who doesn’t have electricity or running water in her house. One with dark brown skin. One who washes clothes by hand in the river and knows how to kill a chicken. A girl like this is used to being poor, but she is happy nonetheless. She doesn’t live in horrible conditions, even though she has no material possessions.

Province girls make better girlfriends and wives because they are appreciative of what you do for them. They are nowhere near as material-minded as the city girls.

Avoid Girls Already Tainted by Angeles City

Let me be clear on something. If you meet a girl while she’s dancing on a pole in Angeles City and she tells you she’s from the province, that doesn’t qualify her as a nice girl. She’s already tainted. She’s still a hooker. She’s ruined. She will never be the nice-little-province girl that she was, right up until the moment her cousin talked her into going to Angeles so she could get rich.

Let her go back to her pole and don’t try to play Captain Save-a-Ho. She’ll take all your money and break your heart.

Where Do I Recommend?

I recommend Leyte and Samar if I had to pinpoint a location for you to focus on. Tell them that Marcos sent you.

Do Your Own Research by Evaluating the Tone of a Conversation

Do your own research. Put Angeles City in your search criteria on FilipinoCupid and chat with a few girls from there. Bet you a dollar you will end up chatting with some bar girls and hookers. You can tell by the conversation.

Then, chat with some girls from way out in the province. You’ll love and appreciate the province girls much better.

More Reading

Make sure you read all the articles in this series on How to Date a Filipina so you know what to expect!

Then, come to the Philippines, meet a nice girl, and enjoy the hell out of your life.


  1. Thank you man I really want to go and find a wife or just a good would who is loving a loyal and travel me from beginning to end ! Also my cousin wanted to know how to find people for house keeping or domestic helper without expensive really getting money and not them !

  2. This is awesome and appreciated.
    I was just researching this issue and was considering a girl from manila but something was making me cautious about it. Keep up the content. its appreciated.

  3. Hey man,

    You can meet girls online all day long. That’s the easy part. But, if you really want to find a good girl, you’ve got to come here and spend some time meeting chicks face to face. That’s obvious, but I think a lot of guys put too much trust in their online “relationship”. Get on Filipino Cupid, meet some girls, then book a plane ticket to Manila. Take things from there.

    It’s no problem finding a housekeeper here. Just ask around.

  4. Thanks, man.

    Take into consideration that what I write is just one man’s opinion. Maybe your girl from Manila is a wonderful lady. I can only write about my personal experiences and adventures. My friend is married to a very nice lady from Luzon. But, luck didn’t come my way with Manila girls. Therefore I hang my hat down in Cebu right now. Ha!

    Also keep in mind that you don’t know anything about a girl you meet online. NOTHING. I’ve been doing the online dating thing since back when it was considered dangerous and even impossible. The one thing that has not changed for me in two decades is that there’s your perception of a chick while chatting online, and then there is reality when you meet. If I get the sense that something’s not right while chatting, I end the conversation and move on to the next girl.

    Read this article if you have time:

    Good luck, my friend. Life is short so you have to take some chances.

  5. I’m black a from England, I have girl from leyte and I’m very happy with her.
    I will advise you to go to the provinces

  6. How can i meet a filapina lady from small provences i wiuld like to meet one on line so i get to know her a little bit before i go there i would like to meet one with in 70 miles are closer to cagayan de oro phillipines

  7. How does a female from Mindanao compare with other regions? Are they darker skinned, huskier, shorter, less educated?

  8. I dated one girl from General Santos City a few years ago. She was a very sweet girl, well mannered, and took school seriously. She was a city girl and not from way out in the Province. I would definitely recommend looking for a nice girl in Mindanao. The reason that I didn’t list it in this article is because many readers are hesitant about going down to Mindanao. They’ve read articles about the problems in the Muslim areas, Abu Sayyaf, kidnappings, etc. They’ve watched the videos from Marawi. Add the bullshit that the U.S. State Department publishes and most guys from the West want to part of Mindanao.

    Most of my readers have never even been to the Philippines, so I point them in the direction of Leyte and Samar as a place to start.

  9. I have visited Manila in 2006 and it is true what you mentioned no matter what the reasons might be. There is a greed factor as well. I can understand that the people do things what they will not do if they were not poor. But, all the poor do not do the same deeds to make money including lying and deceiving others.

    I met good people among masses as well. I agree with you that the big cities like Manila are hardly good to look for a wife kind of material. Yes, it can be good only if one has money. As soon as money disappears, so do these so called girlfriends since the base of this relationship was about money. Great article.

  10. These are good tips, while there are millions of them in the capital that have never been near Burgos or sold their bodies it will be very hard for a new tourist or expat to figure out who is who. The province, or any smaller town with under a million and not many foreign visitors would be great places to look.

  11. Dan,

    Excellent advice, especially for anyone new to the Philippines.

    I agree with both of your points. Yes, there are millions of decent girls in Manila. BUT, the Western guy who just stepped off the plane on his first trip to the Philippines won’t know the difference. If a guy will just camp out in a small town somewhere and get the hell away from Manila, he’s much less likely to hook up with a bad apple. The laws of probability will work in his favor.

    As much as you and I can try to mentor our fellow man, there seems to be a never-ending plethora of lonely fools who fall for the first bar girl they see and become….

    CAPTAIN SAVE-A-HO!!!!…..

    Thanks for the comment. Please weigh in on the other articles if you have time.


  12. I know most philipi girls have small breasts, but I’m hooked on them… over the years. Where do you recommend I look. Will pay for your consultation services.

  13. Terry,

    I like Leyte and Samar, but my old lady now is from Cebu. Personally, I don’t hunt for girls in Manila, Angeles City, or Subic Bay.

    Send me an email on my contact page, my friend.

  14. I’ve been to Manila and Subic many times. I’ve also traveled far up into Luzon. My adopted mom tells me all the time “bar girl no good for you”. I know Samar is a nice island since I use google street view and look at all the cities so I might go there soon. I did however travel to Palawan and even there you will find bar girls but they are nowhere near the mindset like Subic and Angeles. I can’t wait to get out in the provinces though. I’ve seen many nice girls there however it is hard to approach some as they are much more conservative. I plan to hang out in more of the “restro-bar” type places for nightlife.

  15. Hello and thanks. When I was a Facebook member, I had a friend Giovanni. He’s a teacher in the Philippines. He told me about condos, and the Qwest hotel. We agreed that the only way is to travel and meet face to face.
    Were I a young man, and/or in better health, I would give all my love and respect to the young Filipina who would cherish me. I know that there’s a lot of single moms. I love children, (but I don’t want to compete for moms affection), and don’t see how a woman 41+ years old can love a 68 year old man of modest means. Nothing happens overnight.

  16. My friend, there is a lady out there somewhere for you. Doesn’t matter that you are 68. I was playing Poker last night with a gentleman who is 76 years old and was rolling with a smoking hot chick about 30.

  17. Basically I belong to Pakistan Azad Kashmir but I am doing the job in Dubai my age is now 46 I am alone and I am seeking an simple honest sincere and love able woman who she gave me true love

  18. Forget the Filipinas, really, do. They marry for status, you being white, and money solely. Besides that, they are violent creatures – emotional and very, very angry. They hate themselves, and they do hate you for what they have not got. They also know what you are out for from day one. If you cannot save yourself, they won’t save you either.

  19. Hi, I hope I can find good foreigner too I am from Mindanao how many years I have been chatting but until now it didn’t work for me.
    How many times I experienced scam and I am tired of it already! Hope you can advise me where the best site to find a good foreigner.

    Thank you!

  20. Thanks for the heads up. What do you think of the Davao area? And what is your opinion on the romance tours that visit Davao and Cebu? Thanks.

  21. Never been to Davao, but have heard good things about the place. As far as the romance tours, I have no idea, my friend. Personally, I don’t need a tour guide to help me find a woman. I saw a documentary one time about those tours down in Central or South America. I felt sorry for the dudes who had been roped into signing up for that shit. It’s a waste of money if you ask me. You don’t need a damn tour guide to find a lady. Buy a plane ticket, get boots on the ground, and hang out. You’ll find a girl.

  22. Mark,
    I am a retired Army Colonel, and I had my wife divorce rape me when I came back from deployments. I tried dating many American women for about five years, but I finally stopped dating American women because they are too mentally and emotionally messed up. Plus, you are forced into dating all these American women that are divorced with tons of baggage…I like to say American women don’t have baggage they have freight. So, I started searching in the Philippines and I now have a nice girlfriend from Mindanao from the province. If American men would get on a plane and fly to the Philz they would be blown away by how easy it is to date a normal woman. I believe the Philippines is the only place left where you can find a normal woman that is nice and sweet and affectionate to be in a relationship with. I mentor guys that I know from America to go to the Philippines, and to stop wasting there time on broken American women. In America women have been poisoned by the cancer of feminism to the point that you cannot form a lasting relationship with them. When I hear of a guy about to marry an American woman…I tell him…Run Forest Run.

  23. Keith,

    Very well said, my friend. I agree wholeheartedly. Anyone who marries an American girl is in for many years of trouble. Any man who has a child with an American girl is going to write her a check for 18 to 21 years at the least. The world is full of so many better options for the American male if he would only invest in a passport and a plane ticket. – Mark

  24. This information is very helpful. I have a girlfriend from Davao city she’s very understanding and God fearing . and I am her in the Philippine visiting the family all the way from Africa

  25. Very nice confirmation of my own readings…

    I’m a digital freelancer in search of a place to live in SEA for the majority of the year. I’ve already visited Thailand and Vietnam, but I didn’t like the fact that they don’t have a real command of English (in general), so I’ve felt a little isolated.

    Now, I know English is the language of business and education in the Philippines, and that’s great because it means I’ll have the chance to communicate so much better. But…

    Your suggestion of trying to find a very humble provincial woman, although I suspect is a sound one, might not be in conflict with them not being able to communicate well? After all, if they are poor and can’t go to school, then it’s going to be pretty hard for them to learn it, right?

  26. About 80% of the Philippines speaks English. Maybe more. The rest of the countries in Southeast Asia pale in comparison to how well fluent English is spoken in the PH.

  27. How about women from Butuan City? I’m planning a trip with my buddy. I met young lady she has a small store she lives in sells basics.
    Appears nice.

  28. You just have to roll the dice and see where it goes, my friend. You don’t really know anything about the girl until you meet her in person. That will tell the tale. Come on over and spend some time with the chick. If she’s not good to go, there are plenty of beautiful women everywhere.

  29. I agree of what you said avoid girls in Angeles, i grew up in Manila and I’ve seen a lot of slut and gold diggers girls! My mom’s roots are from province of Leyte and thought me be decent, work hard and not being materialistic.

  30. Please don’t generalize us Filipino women from Luzon , Sir. Most of women in Luzon outside Manila are well educated and decent. The women you talking about that work in night clubs in Manila and Angeles City are mostly come from poorer region in the Philippines like Samar and Leyte.

  31. Interesting. The basic notion is…find a sweet, impoverished girl in the countryside. I mean, yes…you can certainly pass on the professional girls from the sexmongering communities easily enough. Manila, other such large cities? Agree.

    Still, going for the poor, impoverished women, you as the foreigner have to understand that (largely), you sit in the catbird seat because you have the cachet, you have the money, you have the privilege, and your interest in them and any kindness shown will be greatly appreciated. Still…you have an awesome responsibility here to do the right thing.

    Also…understand that you are going to be involved with someone who might be significantly younger, is completely culturally different, and there is the risk that your emotional investment might end up being a substantial economic one, as well. ‘Daisy has a puti boyfriend…she’s dating an ATM. She’s my niece and maybe she can get him to buy me a new caribou (but actually it ends up being a widescreen tv–who knows?) Just saying…be responsible. Remember the cultural gap. Remember the possible age gap.

    And…I highly recommend this, consider spending a good deal of time in-country when you visit. THe more you get to know them, the better your chances of having a viable marriage. Just remember–you will ALways be a foreigner to them, a source of money potentially, and not just the woman you fall for, but her family. She is the line in the sand between their needs and your capacity to help. Establish ground rules. My brothers in law gave their household helpers advice to stop sending money back to the province because it was all going for ‘the good life’, nothing to do with anything other than drinking, parties, big tvs, etc. Come here…live here…take your time if you can.

  32. Additional notes…English is in much more common parlance here than other SEA countries, but due to Marcos’ ‘Filipino first’ education policies, an entire generation of Filipinos sorta lost touch with the English language. As a retired expat, I’ve found that English amidst the less-financially enabled (poor, impoverished folks) is minimal at best. I’m one of the few white guys I know who for the past four years has made any attempt at all to speak the local language (Hiligaynon) and while most of my social set all speak English as well as I might (or near to), the maids, the cashiers, the guy who sells beef at the local market, the jeepney driver, the farmer etc. it can be totally spotty and utterly non-conversational. Our driver and his wife and kids can sorta kinda speak English and my masseuse…well, she has down ‘Do you want a hot towel?’, ‘Medium or hard, sir?’ and ‘Would you like green tea or ginger tea?’

  33. If you want to be a sugar daddy, by all means go to the countryside and find a girl then marry her and make her your personal maid/slave. I grew up in the Philippines; moved to Hongkong then moved to California and pretty much have lived all my adult life in USA. If you want to really meet educated women that are not only beautiful on the outside but more importantly the inside, head down to Davao City. I’m partial of course because that’s where I grew up. Davao city is modern but still able to preserve its customs. A lot of women from Davao come from well to do family (not rich) so they are not looking for a “JOE” to take care of them. It will be harder to date someone in this region but 9/10 (my opinion) the women you’re able to get to know are not desperate to get out. Think of Davao City as Maui, modern but no super high scrapper buildings and still able to preserve its natural habitats….and if you want to know the real Filipino Culture, this is where you go. Word of advise; listen to the locals where you shouldn’t venture due to radical groups…The president of the Philippines was the mayor of the city and he wants all of the other region to be as safe as Davao city….Just my opinion.

  34. Hi mark,
    My name is john,iam 57 with cerabyl palsy minimal mobility only ,married to an abled bodied woman for 35yrs,done all the regular things that you are expected to do,had kids,wotk still do,never been on benefits. My question is with cerabyl palsy its harder for me inlife in general to do what othhers do.What do u suggest about how would be best to look for a philopino &the chances of them looking past my defects,
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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