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Tropical Broccoli Pork in Lemon Butter Coconut Sauce

Tropical Broccoli Pork in a Lemon Butter Coconut Sauce – Overstay Road Grill –...

This new dish could possibly be the most delicious pork you've ever tasted. It might take the culinary world by storm. Join me while I fire up the old wok and get down to business. Get ready for absolutely delicious.
Kapow Gai

Kapow Gai Basil Chicken BEST Recipe – Overstay Road Grill – Episode 4

This could possibly be the BEST recipe for Basil Chicken ever created. Join me while I demonstrate how to cook my version of Kapow Gai.
Spicy Basil Chicken - Kapow Gai

SPICY Basil Chicken – Overstay Road Grill – Episode 3

Here's one version of Kapow Gai. It turned out to be absolutely delicious. Just follow along in real time and you can make it in your kitchen. Too easy.

CHICKEN FEET Stir Fry & BIGASS SHRIMP Boil – Overstay Road Grill – Episode...

I cooked for my Filipina tonight. She loves fried chicken feet. The bigass shrimps were absolutely delicious, although they could actually be prawns. Cooking class is in session, my friends. Men, cook for your ladies. I'll show you how. All you need is a wok and a rice cooker.

Is the Philippines Dangerous? Walk With Me And I’ll Answer the Question.

Go on a 5-mile trek with me while I discuss backpacking footwear, the beauty of sugar cane fields, and whether or not it's dangerous in the Philippines.

Giant Fruit by Nong Nooch Gardens – Thailand Motorbike Adventure Travel

On the road that leads you to Nong Nooch Gardens, there’s a great place for iPhone photography and selfies. In front of 7/11 is a bunch of giant fruit.

Subscriber Sunday – LIVE Stream Test

I want to thank everyone who turned in to my FIRST live stream. This was just a trial and error session because I had no idea what I was doing.

ZERO to $1,000,000 Per Month by Making Travel Videos on an iPhone? The Challenge...

Is it possible to go from zero to one million U.S. dollars per month by making YouTube videos on an iPhone?

Walking Tour of Del Pilar Street in Ermita, Philippines – L.A. Cafe, Shawarmas, U.S....

Here's a slow roll through Ermita. I stopped by the Shawarma Snack Center near the L.A. Cafe and had a great meal. Good directions on how to get to the U.S. Embassy included, with political commentary.