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Christening a Baby in the Philippines and the AFTER PARTY

Join us while we Christen our baby here in the Philippines. The planning involves negotiating for a goat, buying some chickens, ordering a load of booze, and carrying a hog to the village.

Walking Around Kawit, Philippines

Join us for a quick walk around the tiny town of Kawit. It's located in the northern part of Cebu Province here in the Philippines.

Beach Life in a Small Philippine Town

Join me for a typical day of small town beach resort living here in the Philippines.

A Day in Bogo City

Join us for a little bit of shopping in Bogo City, Philippines. We are trying to find a little outfit for the baby to wear during his Christening.

A Forrest in the Village

Join us while we take Forrest G. on his first trip to meet my wife's family in the village. It was a beautiful, hot day for trekking through the sugar cane fields here in the Philippines.

I’m in Love with a Web Cam Girl…

Please help me sort this out. This video is rated PG-13 for some mild language and the subject matter at hand. It's about one hour long.

Manila to Cebu on a 2GO Ferry – The St. Pope John Paul II

Join us on our journey from Manila down to Cebu on the St. Pope John Paul II.

Walking on the Beach with my Wife’s Cousin

Good morning, my friends. I’m going for a walk with my wife’s beautiful cousin. Her name is Nieva Mae, but we call her Bam Bam.

From Goats to Boats. Life Ain’t Always Fair.

Today, we had to buy a goat for an upcoming barbecue. I didn't go with my mother-in-law to pick out the goat.