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Suvarnabhumi Airport is Quiet

Here's a look at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok on Thursday, March 12th. It's very quiet due to the current situation we find ourselves in.

Jomtien Beach to Pattaya Beer Garden – A Long Walking Tour

It was such a beautiful day here in Thailand that I just felt like going walkabout.

Quiet Walk and Motorbike Ride Down Beach Road in Pattaya, Thailand

Join me for a short walk down Pattaya Beach Road in Thailand.

Chillin at the Beer Garden in Pattaya, Thailand

Join me while I chill on a bar stool at one of THE BEST restaurants in the world.
Sriracha Tiger Zoo Thailand

Elephants and Tigers and Crocodiles, Oh My!

I took Filipina Wife #1 and Forrest G. to the tiger zoo in Sriracha, Thailand. We rode an elephant, fed a baby tiger, and watched the shows.

Watching the Sun Set at Silverlake Vineyards – Are We in Temecula, CA., Tuscany,...

We took a ride down to Silverlake Vineyards just south of Pattaya, Thailand to watch the sunset. It's a beautiful area, my friends.

Walking Tour of Terminal 21 Shopping Mall – Pattaya, Thailand

We spent the afternoon at Terminal 21 Shopping Mall in Pattaya, Thailand. The shopping center is modeled after an airport.

Flying from Manila to Bangkok with a Baby

We took Forrest G. on his first airplane ride and international trip. Here's a look at our journey from Manila to Bangkok.

Fire and Flow on the Beach

Folks, these three gentlemen put on a SHOW! Here's a look at the performance they put on over two nights on Koh Larn Island, Thailand.