The Way Songkran is Supposed to Be Celebrated

Folks, here's a video to show you what Songkran is supposed to look like. This was the most beautiful Songkran celebration I've ever experienced here in Thailand.

The BEST Mai Tai in the World – Made by the BEST Bartender!

Folks, just check out how my friend Jos made this Mai Tai! I can't say anything else. You just have to watch the video, my friends.

Sunset Philosophy You Can’t Handle

Here's some hard philosophy for my friends in the West.

A Walk Around Nabaan on Koh Larn, (Coral Island) Thailand

Join us for a walk around the Nabaan Port area here on Koh Larn Island, Thailand.

Tien Beach Walking Tour – Koh Larn, (Coral Island) Thailand

Join us for a chill walking tour of Tien Beach here on Koh Larn.

Morning Walk along Tawaen Beach on Koh Larn (Coral Island)

Join me during my early morning walk along Tawaen Beach here on Koh Larn.

Pattaya to Koh Larn – Island Hopping & Beach Chillin’

Here's our journey from Pattaya to Tawaen Beach Resort on Koh Larn Island here in Thailand.

Sabai Lodge – Soi 2 – Pattaya, Thailand

Here's a tour of the Sabai Lodge on Soi 2 in Pattaya, Thailand. I love staying at this hotel.

Best Hamburgers in Pattaya – How to Get to Just Burgers in Jomtien Beach

Folks, if you’re looking for a GREAT burger that’s cooked on the grill, COLD beer, and good conversation, go on over to Just Burgers in Jomtien Beach.