Bus Won’t Stop for the Beautiful Ladies

Folks, we are partying like rock stars here at Songkran 2019 in Pattaya, Thailand. Here’s a quick clip of a beautiful girl trying to get the baht bus to stop. The light turned green so the driver had no choice but to roll.

Egg and Banana Roti Pancake – Thailand Street Food

A banana and egg roti pancake in Thailand is one of THE BEST desserts you could ever sink your teeth into.

Pattaya Beach Road Walking Tour from Central Festival to Walking Street to Bali Hai...

Join me on a lazy afternoon stroll down Beach Road in Pattaya Beach, Thailand. I started out near Central Festival and walked all the way to Bali Hai Pier.

TRAPPED at the Massage Parlor & Surrounded by Beautiful Women!

I got trapped at a #massage parlor here in Southeast Asia by the rising Colorado River and couldn't escape for several hours.

Beautiful Thai Girl Takes Me to the Neon Market – Bangkok, Thailand

Join me and my lovely Thai tour guide as we check out the Neon Market in Bangkok. It's a short tuk-tuk ride from Nana Plaza.

Watching People at a Fried Chicken Motorcycle Cart – Bangkok, Thailand

Here's a hawk's-eye view of a fried chicken cart on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand.

Nana Plaza People Watching & Lunch at Hooters – Bangkok, Thailand

Join me while I eat lunch at Hooters and do some people watching across from Nana Plaza. I'll also discuss what to do if you encounter a group of ladyboys late at night on the street.

Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant Review & Crazy Mike’s Secret Giveaway

You may have seen this restaurant before on Bizarre Foods. I ate lunch today at Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand.

Banana & Egg Roti Pancake With CHOCOLATE – Thailand Street Food

If you come to Thailand, make sure you try the Roti. I like mine with egg, banana, and chocolate on top!