Want to Become a Blogger and Travel the World? The 100-Article Rule
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Want to Become a Blogger and Travel the World? The 100-Article Rule Will Save Your Ass

Start Blogging Right Now

As soon as you even remotely consider the concept of world travel, start your blog right then and there.

Don’t wait until you’ve quit your job and have a plane ticket booked to Guatemala. If you do that, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Set yourself up for success and make this commitment:

  • I will write and post 100 articles before I quit my full-time job.

There, that’s how you set yourself up for success in running a blog.

It may take you a year or so to accomplish the task, but that’s ok. It will probably take you that long to sell your belongings and rent out your house, anyway.

Pick Any Topic and Start Writing

It doesn’t matter what you write about.

Post articles about your hometown, your dog, local restaurant reviews, etc. The content doesn’t matter.

The exercise of writing and hitting the PUBLISH button is the objective.

It Gets You Up and Running

During the time it takes you to write and post 100 articles, you will have already accomplished, set up, purchased, learned or mastered the following:

  • Decided on a domain name
  • Set up hosting
  • Installed WordPress
  • Learned the ins and outs of WordPress
  • Chose a WordPress theme and customized it
  • Learned how to optimize images
  • Set up all of your social media profiles
  • Established a flow and procedure on posting articles
  • Figured out how to fix minor problems with your site and communicate with hosting support
  • Set up and understand Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics
  • Set up affiliate accounts
  • Determined whether or not you really want to be a travel blogger

Learn the Basics Before You Hit the Road

It’s better to learn the trade while you’re in the U.S. or Europe where you have excellent communications (a telephone and reliable Internet).

You can talk to hosting support and learn a few things.

You can chat and discuss the concept of your blog with friends who speak your language.

If you end up in Honduras with a slow internet connection that won’t support a voice call to technical support, you will endure extreme frustration.

Work the kinks out of your website while you are still grinding away at your full-time job in the West. Once you set out into the wild blue yonder with your vintage leather briefcase and laptop, you should only be concerned with adding content to the site.

Your blog should already be making money before you submit your resignation and tell your boss to shove it.

Take the 100-Article Rule seriously.

  • Gary Kuech November 15, 2018, 11:24 pm

    Ahh, finally found this one..
    thanx, good stuff here..