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Here’s what I know about women.

I’m in Love with a Web Cam Girl…

Please help me sort this out. This video is rated PG-13 for some mild language and the subject matter at hand. It's about one hour long.

Saying Goodbye to Helen of Troy

Folks, there has been a shake up here at the castle. Join me during this quick live stream for the details.

Cooking Pork Adobo with My Jenny and Helen of Troy

Join me while the beautiful Helen of Troy and My Jenny cook up some pork adobo here in the condo. They are looking beautiful tonight!

Cooking Chicken Adobo with Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy and I are about to tear up the kitchen and get some supper going. Join us while we LIVE STREAM this little chill cooking show.

What’s My Filipinas’ Favorite Breakfast?

My ladies were CHOWING DOWN on their favorite breakfast of champions when I decided to grab the camera.

We have a WINNER of the Crazy Mike Condom Giveaway Contest!

Folks, we have a winner! I was about to leave Thailand when I got apprehended by my new friend, Greg.

Took My Filipina Wife #1 and My Filipina Girlfriend #1 Shopping on Rodeo Drive...

I took my ladies down to the local market here in Angeles City, Philippines, for some shopping and sight seeing.

Wife Complains About Husband Watching Bikini Contest & Smoking Big Cigar LIVE

A quick discussion on why a man can’t watch a bikini contest and smoke a cigar like the devil in the peace and quiet of his own living room.

Do I Beat My Filipina Wife with Bamboo or Coco Lumber? The Haters &...

All the Haters, Trolls, Parrotts, Psychics, Angry Feminists, & Spineless Males from America are 100% convinced that I beat my wife.