Cooking & Recipes

Cooking & Recipes

Best Damn Cooking Show Ever – I’m Making Spaghetti in a Cast Iron Skillet...

Once the sun went down, I cooked up some of the best spaghetti that Filipina Wife #1 has ever tasted. I was drinking Captain Morgan's Rum and Coke and cursing up a storm.

A Trip to Subic Town Market and Cooking Pork Chops on the Balcony of...

We fired up the barbecue grill out on the balcony of the Penthouse Suite and went to work. These chops turned out to be delicious!

Cooking BBQ Chicken & Vegetables on the Balcony of the Penthouse Suite + ...

It was a beautiful day and evening here in the Philippines and perfect weather to barbecue out on the the balcony.

ELECTRICAL BROWNOUT Strikes During My Cooking Show! Will the Delay Affect the Taste of...

Join me for a walk to pick up some chicken, a few vegetables, and a bottle of wine.

Chicken and Vegetables in the Lodge 3.2 Quart Cast Iron Combo Cooker on an...

Chop up some chicken, chop up some vegetables, add a bit of spice, and throw the HEAT to it. The end result is deliciousness.

Cooking on the Balcony of the Penthouse Suite

Join me while I cook supper on the balcony of my penthouse suite here in the Philippines.

Brikk BI-QE2 Induction Cooker and the Lodge 3.2 Quart Cast Iron Combo Cooker –...

I picked up an induction cooker at SM Olongapo Central last Sunday. I gave it a test run and made some Creamy Pork Goulash.

Barbecue Pork Chops on the Grill and the Story of the Missing Chicken

Filipina Wife #1 fired up the charcoal barbecue grill and went to work on some pork chops.

Chicken Curry for Lunch

Ate Faye cooked up a quick batch of chicken curry for lunch. My old wok is still kicking and cooking, my friends.