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How to Wipe Your Ass WITHOUT TOILET PAPER During a #PANDEMIC – Educational Video...

Here's how to survive if there is no toilet paper available at your local Walmart due to coronavirus panic buying.

TRAVEL SURVIVAL – Roundworms and Intestinal Parasites in Tropical Regions – ASCARIS LUMBRICOIDES

If you travel to a tropical region, you need to educate yourself about intestinal parasites.

Walking Tour NAIA Terminal 3 Arrivals

Here's a look around the arrivals area at Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3

Riding a Motorbike in Southeast Asia? Wear a Real Helmet.

Listen to my philosophy on what type of helmet you should wear while riding a motorbike or motorcycle.

YETI Rambler Bottle Lid Stuck? Here’s Why. PUT IT DOWN AND PAY ATTENTION!

WARNING: There may be a whole bunch of PRESSURE inside the bottle because you left something in there that contains sugar.

Indiana Gear Bag (Indiana Weatherproof Canvas Satchel) by Saddleback Leather – 3 Year Review

I've been carrying this satchel from Saddleback Leather since August of 2016. It goes everywhere I go.

How to Trade Cryptocurrency, Pay Bills, & Buy Cell Phone Load in the Philippines...

If you're going to spend any significant amount of time in the Philippines, you may want to sign up for a coins.ph account. It will save you time.

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease Documentary – Our Two-Week Nightmare

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease put me out of commission for two weeks. Here's how it affected me and my daughter, day by day.

Most Expats Are Not Prepared for Death Abroad

If you're traveling the world with a backpack or living as an #Expat, do you REALLY have your affairs in order?