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Cebu City to Manila Philippines Ferry View From Cabin

Cebu City to Manila on 2GO Ferry – Philippines Adventures

Traveling from Cebu City to Manila, Philippines on 2GO Ferry is a nice little adventure. If you have the time, it's worth the overnight journey.
Getting Tire Repaired on a Tropical Island

Getting a Flat Tire Fixed When You’re on a Tropical Island

Things often work at a slower pace when you're on a tropical island. Here's a quick story about getting a flat on the motorbike.
Best Taxi Driver in Bangkok, Thailand

Best Taxi Drivers in Bangkok, Thailand – Speak English + Honest + New Car

Best Bangkok Taxi Drivers - Speak English - Honest - New Toyotas - Safe Drivers - Call Sompet at #0902381418 or Gai at #0899913099. I highly recommend them.

Living in another country vs. being a perpetual traveler. Which is better?

Is it better to settle down in a new country or just live out of your suitcase indefinitely? A quick overview of both.

Songkran – Thailand’s Water Festival – Review & Travel Tips from a Local Expat

Songkran is an experience like no other. Should you visit Thailand during Songkran or plan your trip some other time? Review and travel tips from an Expat.
Life is Short

How to Lose 30 Pounds in 3 Simple Steps

If you want to know how to lose 30 pounds without surgery, diet pills, or crazy diets, here is an alternative. I lost 30 pounds by making 3 changes.
Manila Travel Scam - Avoid the Horse and Buggy Ride in Manila, Philippines

Manila Travel Scam – Beware of the Horse and Buggy Ride

A frequent Manila travel scam happens on horse and buggy tours. I recommend you do not take a horse and buggy ride in Manila. Here's why.