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Travel Survival and Scams

Most Expats Are Not Prepared for Death Abroad

If you're traveling the world with a backpack or living as an #Expat, do you REALLY have your affairs in order?

$900 Bamboo Cabin FOR SALE in the Philippines (1 Bedroom) – FREE DELIVERY and...

Here's a tour of the bamboo Nipa Huts my buddy Johnny has for sale at his shop in Subic.
Do Not Fall In Love With Bar Girls, Strippers, or Hookers

Do Not Fall in Love with Bar Girls, Strippers, or Hookers

When you come to the Philippines, stay the hell away from bar girls, strippers, and hookers. Make damn sure you don't fall in love with one and get married.
Traveler's Diarrhea

How to Use the Toilet at Your Filipina’s Home in the Village

How do you, as a foreign guy, navigate the rudimentary restroom conditions when you visit your girlfriend's village in the Philippines?

Don’t Date A Married Filipina! Your Freedom Depends On It.

Divorce in the Philippines is not common like it is in the West. It's very important to understand this concept because your freedom may depend on it.

Traveler’s Diarrhea Will Ruin Your Vacation. Here’s Some No-Shit Advice From a World Traveler.

Twenty-five to Fifty Percent of International travelers will get Traveler's Diarrhea. Here's some real-world, no-nonsense advice from a world traveler.


Join me for a discussion on how you can make #money while #traveling the world.
GRAB - Angeles City to Subic Bay

Here’s What Happens If You Try to Take GRAB from Angeles City to Subic...

Can you take a GRAB car from Angeles City to Subic Bay? Can you take GRAB from Angeles City to Manila? Yes, but not at the price quoted on the GRAB app. Here's what will happen...

Got Fooled by Batman and Robin!!! How an $8 Tour Turns Into $80 in...

When you visit Cambodia, realize that the national sport seems to be (and always has been) ripping off unsuspecting tourists.