Philosophy & Politics

Philosophy & Politics

Filipina Kicks Foreign Guy Out of House + Foreign Guy Falls in Love with...

I'm going to start importing single-wide trailers to sell to expats in Southeast Asia. I had a long conversation with a gentleman in a bar a few days ago which gave me the idea.

Bible Reading from the Book of Genesis – Part 2 – Balcony Preaching

Join me for the continuation of bible reading from the Book of Genesis.

Top 10 Things I Don’t Understand After Living Outside the United States for Almost...

I'm basically a caveman when it comes to knowing what's happening in America these days.

I Got a Bad Hangover. Just Trying to Make it Through the Day.

Here's a look at my disorganized day while hungover and still 1/4 drunk.

Bible Reading from the Book of Genesis – Mountaintop Preaching

Join us on the mountaintop as I read from my new bible. We'll start from the beginning with the Book of Genesis.

What Do I Think About “Men” Wearing Skinny Jeans?

Your skinny jeans are choking your balls.
Jim Beam

SAY IT TO MY FACE – Why Ben Askren Took 2 Extra Haymakers from...

This talk is focused on human nature, psychology, and philosophy, and not the mechanics of the fight itself.

Jim Beam Warehouse Fire – How Much Are We Paying the EPA to Count...

I heard about the tragedy that recently happened over there in the U.S. Had to stop by and pick up a bottle of Jim Beam just in case there was a shortage here in the Philippines.

Top 5 Reasons 2 Wives Are Better Than 1

Join me for a conversation about marriage, coming to you LIVE from my bath tub.