How to Date a Filipina

Filipino Girls in the Philippines

Dreams of Filipino Girls

In my travels and experiences with girls in the Philippines, I have come to the conclusion that they all have one of two basic dreams.

Drinking a Crown and Coke with Wife #1

Join me and Wife #1 for a drink and conversation about nothing in particular.
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Why Choose Women in the Philippines?

Let me start out by outlining exactly why you should consider dating a Filipina. If you compare them to girls in the West, it’s like night and day.

What’s My Filipinas’ Favorite Breakfast?

My ladies were CHOWING DOWN on their favorite breakfast of champions when I decided to grab the camera.

Do I Beat My Filipina Wife with Bamboo or Coco Lumber? The Haters &...

All the Haters, Trolls, Parrotts, Psychics, Angry Feminists, & Spineless Males from America are 100% convinced that I beat my wife.
Balut Philippines Drunk Karaoke

Dating a Filipina? Get Ready for Karaoke

When you finally travel to the Philippines and meet your Filipina in person, be prepared for karaoke.
Women in the Philippines Online Dating First Dates What to Expect

How the Ate / Kuya Factor Impacts Your Relationship with a Filipina

The Ate & Kuya are positions of power within Filipino culture. If you plan to date a Filipina, it's important to understand how this concept works.
Don't Forget the Pasalubong - Philippines - How to Date a Filipina

Don’t Forget the Pasalubong – How to Date a Filipina

The concept of pasalubong is basically that if you travel, you are supposed to bring back gifts for the family. Welcome to the Philippines.
How to Date a Filipina - Lazy Ass Brothers

Your Filipina’s Lazy-Ass Brothers and Their Daily Routine

During the initial conversation with a Filipina, I always inquire as to how many brothers she has, how old they are, and if they have a job or go to school.